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Woke up today and felt like shit. Realised our awesome hut was RIGHT on the river and we had a really cool view of the waterfall. Finally stumbled out for breakfast to the nearest restaurant (okay they're all next door to each other) and cut a long story short- I was sick over the side of the restaurant while people were eating. Seriously, they DO NOT give shots of lao-lao but like a pint instead. Boy, I felt 1000 times better afterwards (apart from the stares and apologising 10 times- at least I fertilized their garden though). So after that we went to the awesome waterfall and swam across to it and sat underneat it having a wash and the like. Walked around the corner a bit (there were loads of sections) and found these fearless Lao kids sliding down, so we played with them for a bit until the water was so powerfull we couldn't get back up. Went upstream to the bigger waterfall. After walking for ages we found it and a bit further upstream were like 20 kids having bath time. This one girl kept pointing to my hairband so I gave it to her and she got really excited.

Later on we went to the corner shop and we bought some sweets and crisps. Back in our hut village some girl followed me home and practically stole my crisps, she was like dipping her face into the packet and then just walked off! I saw her again later at bath time, this time she took me by the hand and led me all the way to her house.
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Tat Lo
photo by: xander_van_hoof