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After last night’s collection of Lao titled drinks we got up very slowly. Thankfully our bus wasn't until 11.30am. Checked out and paid laughy (so much cheaper than Cambodia) and got on a tiny boat. A tiny boat with a dodgy wooden plank that I got my foot stuck in and fell forward but my bag counter-balanced me too much and I ended up falling back/sitting down/getting my shoe stuck in the wood. Got to the other side and waited for the bus. Bought some crisps that came with dip. Three cheers for dip! Got on a minibus to Champasak. Had the dodgy aisle seat (upturned beer Lao crate) which I love because you get loads of leg room. Got dropped at the ferry and went across the Mekong (it's ALWAYS in the way) and got a Laos tuk-tuk into town for 8,000K (60p) and went to Vong Paused guesthouse where they had a room with one double bed and hot water for 50,000K or a room with two beds and cold water for 30,000K. So we took the latter, yes 2pound 50 room. Just to clarify, that's 1pound 25 pence each. I don't think we ever had it cheaper. Had some really divine steamed fish in banana leaf with sticky rice, I kept the wicker basket it was served in. Free souvenir! The sticky rice here is like super glued together and you have to break it apart with your hand (right hand because the left hand is your poo washing hand apparently, which is annoying because I'm left handed) But they hate feet like the Thais which is fine by me because feet are so gross. Well they don't mind feet, it's just shoes, and feet touching things. Still gross.
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photo by: Stevie_Wes