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Well what a nightmare of a journey today was! We arose at 7.30, got on the boat at 8. It just dragged on and on, the boatman kept stopping letting people/cargo on/off. I had eaten my lunch by 9am and kept complaining that I was hungry and the only thing for sale on the boat was overpriced Lays. A fellow BPer gave me a banana yay! Our 8 hour journey quickly evaporated and prolonged itself into a 10 hour journey and then finally we saw civilisation again! On one side of the Mekong was Thailand, with it’s concrete buildings, posh hotels, and so much electricity to spare that it had street lamps. On the other side was Laos- a distant flickering of lights produced by generators. That was our side of the river for tonight since the border crossing was now closed! We got a hotel room with too many beds to spare for 50,000K. Contemplated how many people would be able to fit in… Livia and I always have this discussion, even if there’s one single and 5 people lol. We went down the road in search for food and I think we kind of crashed a family dinner; they gave us chicken wings and rice for 3,000K (25p!) And bottles of Beer Lao for 6,000K! Crazy. We had a jolly good Laoenglish hand gesture conversation with them. And definitely had our last Beer Lao. Unless it take another 10 hours to cross the river tomorrow.


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Huay Xai
photo by: Stevie_Wes