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My knee immediately after the accident.

Wow, well what crazy few days it has been. I guess I’ll start at the beginning… On Monday Livia and I got on our shared motorbike, I let her drive because I’m not really that keen and would rather take a back seat and look at the scenery and stuff. Anyway, we got about 5 minutes down the road and it just started POURING down. Like crazy rain, we decided to take shelter for a while because the roads were so slippery and it was too dangerous. Eventually it slowed down and we carried on driving and then suddenly it stopped and was all dry- I guess we got out of the rain cloud. We carried on driving for quite some time and then suddenly something happened, and the motorbike just started wobbling all over and next thing I knew it just fell on the side and skidded along the road with us still on it for a good couple of metres and when we finally stopped I whacked into Livia’s helmet.

Post traumatic stress disorder shake
It was seriously so scary, it seemed to last for ages, and when we first started wobbling we just knew what was going to happen but didn’t know what to do. It turned out on this perfectly smooth tarmaced road, we somehow got a flat tyre- and well what the hell do you do when you only have one tyre left- crash and fall I guess. I was proper shook up and Livia did really well in calming me down, my knee was pouring blood out and my arm was grazed quite badly. Livia’s knee and arm was also quite bad, I also had chipped my tooth on the impact into her helmet! My tooth had being previously chipped and was half fake, I forgot the technical term for it, but I wasn’t too surprised it broke off again!

Anyway, some pick up truck stopped for us and helped get our bike out the way. I luckily had brought my first aid kit with me and tried bandaging my knee because it wouldn’t stop bleeding.

Standard procedure after a motorbike accident
The pick up truck people were so nice! They somehow moved our bike into their truck, and then we all (about 15 of us) squeezed in as well. They took us to the nearby town of Takua Pa and dropped us off at a mechanics where they would fix our bike. Luckily it was next to a pharmacy as well so we got more iodine and bandages and they did a pretty good job of fixing us up. For some reason the mechanics couldn’t fix our bikes until Tuesday, so we decided to just leave our bike, get the bus to Khao Sok, and return in a day or two and drive back to Khao Lak from there.
My knee the next day- all bruised and yucky

We somehow found the bus station, and unfortunately there was no more buses that day to Khao Sok. Oh, perhaps now would be a good time to mention it was so so painful to walk, I could feel I had properly internally bruised my knee, maybe sprained my knee cap or something if that’s possible! But it was so much effort to walk and I couldn’t bend my leg because a. that hurt too much, and b. everytime I bent it the wound would open and then the bandage would fall and it would just be a big disaster. Oh, and it was still raining. So we tried to find a guesthouse for the night, but there appeared to be nowhere. We stopped off in a café and had a wonderful iced coffee shake thing, and then decided our only option was to camp. But where? The bus station? No. The carpark opposite outside a WalMart type shop? Yes.

Okay then. Only Livia and I would decided to camp in some random carpark in a random town after what feels like breaking our knee caps and every other bone because of a motorbike accident. So that’s what we did. It got a bit scary in the night because I swear a dog or something came sniffing around the tent and I could here some homeless guy go for a pee nearby.

On Tuesday we got on the bus to Khao Sok and it was well worth the hardships. It was a beautiful forest area and we set up camp, we were the only ones camping, and I only saw like 2 other couples in the immediate area (obviously they were being sensible and staying indoors). We soon realised hiking and the rest of it was off the agenda since we had to do some crazy limp walk and everyone knew when we were coming because we looked like crazy people and were crying out in pain most of the time.

We decided to do an elephant safari instead. It was so beautiful. I’ve decided elephants are my favourite animal now. They’re just so big and powerful and still quite majestic. Every time the elephant moved I felt like I was going to fall off! Especially when it was going down hill at an angle that felt like vertical!

Today saw the departure of Livia. She wanted to see some other place and truthfully, I was too terrified to get back on the damn motorbike so decided to stay. We agreed to meet up in Krabi town. I wanted to go and see the waterfalls of the area which in retrospect was a bad idea since I still couldn’t walk. However me being me, just decided to get on with and went on some major trek to the waterfalls (it probably wasn’t that far if you have normal functioning legs).

The waterfalls was a bit of let down in honesty, after what I saw in Laos I don’t think anything can compare. They were just grim and murky and the walk there was so much effort for such little reward! In the evening I tried to make a little camp fire which was an epic fail, luckily one of the guys from a nearby bar that we had befriended came over, and made the fire for me! Just spent the evening chilling out and talking to him.

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My knee immediately after the acci…
My knee immediately after the acc…
Post traumatic stress disorder sha…
Post traumatic stress disorder sh…
Standard procedure after a motorbi…
Standard procedure after a motorb…
My knee the next day- all bruised …
My knee the next day- all bruised…
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