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Woke up at 4.30am to get to the sand dunes for sunrise with the tour people. Thankfully it was only the 4 of us with the guide. There were other PWs (pikey whiteys) on the sand dunes though. Clambered up the dunes which was like a mini desert and had the most amazing finest golden sand and watched the spectacular sunrise. We had these plastic slide things so slid down the dunes on those, head first= sand everywhere. Then we saw the massive really cold lake with loads of lotus' and the closed Red Canyon because some rich guy bought and privatised it. Capitalism at it's worst. I don't know how Vietnam calls itself a communist country when stuff like that happens. I mean, they have to pay for school, not just university but right from the start of primary school. Hence why some kids leave at age 9 or something.


Which brings me onto Kim and Lynne (either that's not their real names or it's just spelt in a really weird Vietnamese way.) We went to see all the boats come in after a night's fishing and these two girls came up to us and they gave me and Livia free shell key rings, we tried to give them back but they refused. After that we collected these awesome bright red, orange and yellow shells together and one of them walked around holding my hand. Anyway, they were like 9 and 11 and didn't go to school. Instead they sold shells all day, probably so they could feed their families. They spoke English really well and like most children they said they “picked it up from tourist”. I wish I could just 'pick up' Vietnamese! Later on we went to see the red sand dunes that had the silkiest sand EVER. Livia and I rolled around and basked in it's softy sunsilk-likeness for ages until we had to leave.

Fairy Stream was next which was this shallow canyon type stream we waded through, but only after wading through the fish sauce factory. The stream was awesome and there was a massive patch of 4 leaf clovers. FOUR LEAF CLOVERS!!! Like a field of them!! I think that was on my list of stuff to do before I die- and if it wasn't I'll put it on so I can cross it off. I've done/doing half the stuff on the list on this trip anyway. I'll add more later. Anyway, we tripped up another mountainous dune and saw the most astonishing beautiful view of the red and brown rocks carved out by the stream and the field with the cow and the colours were just fantastic.

Got back to Mui Ne and went on the beach for a bit (more sand) after having some really cheap Cantonese fried rice which turned out to be awesome because it had every meat (bar dog). Got really wet on the beach because some massive wave came that went all the way to the PWs on their sun loungers. So I had to get on the bus a bit wet and was so tired but couldn't sleep properly because of the really uncomfortable head rest thing.

Got to Ho Chi Minh City and walked around for ages finding non existent hotels (courtesy of the 6 year old Rough Guide) and finding that the other ones were fully booked (everywhere seems to be full lately) so we ended up paying $11! We've never paid more than $8 before. Damn southerners. And we got another Hong Kong room with no windows (well one that went onto the corridor)

Found a bia hoi opposite our place so went there, and hung out with these really cool Vietnamese guys called Hoa and Duy and some others. 'Cham fung cham'd too much (100%- down in one) and the rest as they say, is history.
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Mui Ne
photo by: TrudyNRonnie