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Woke up nice and early, thanks to a mixture of somebody snoring louder than a construction site, and various other people arising and our alarm. Went to Guangzhou main station to buy our ticket to Nanning. Realised we had no money, walked for about 20 minutes trying to find a stupid ATM that accepted at least one of our cards. Ended up using my point it book to ask some woman at an information desk. "No ATM, Bank of China exchange" "Okay, where is it?" "That way *points* it's sooooooooooo far"

It was like 10 minutes. On the way back we passed a food place. Obviously went in as we hadn't had any breakfast yet. It was like a cafeteria type thing and the woman serving was totally ignoring us until I tried a bit of self service. We ended up with some egg stuff, dim sum stuff, noodle stuff, and pasta/some sort of wheat stuff, and paid like 15yuan for it all Well cheap.

Got back to the station to have another language barrier struggle, found out that the train we wanted was sold out for today so we asked for tomorrow's train instead. Got the hard sleeper. 179yuan- not bad for a 12 hour train journey.

We got back to the hostel about midday, people were still mingling around. We met some Canadian guy in the longue/computer area called Cassidy (we didn't find out his name until half way through the day after going round town with him!) Yeah so we walked with him for a bit through all these market/shop things with loads of Chinese laterns which was really nice. He helped us cross the roads as well, because it's so crazy here. Just like on the television, so many people, so many bikes, and nobody really cares who's in their way. We went to one of those meat hanging in the window places for food and there was no picture menu so it was a bit hit and miss and randomly chose something. Meat was involved obviously. And noodles. After that we went to a more urban part of town, which was like Picadilly circus but waay busier.

Oh yeah, this was my birthday day but it was all so surreal because like nobody knew apart from Livia and I only knew when she told me. I liked it that way. We'll go out to celebrate with some 20cent Vietnamese beer when we get there because it's far too expensive here. Later on we ended up getting food from 7-11 (pot noodle thing) and lots of cake. Somehow this was the spiciest thing I've eaten since I've been here?
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photo by: westwind57