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We’ve been in Chaing Mai for a few days now, on Saturday I woke up really early because my stupid wisdom teeth were causing me so much pain and the rabid dogs of Asia were barking like crazy. We had a relatively straight forward border crossing, just stamp here, fall onto a boat there, stamp again. Got a mini bus to CM and the Stalker Girls we’ve seen in like 10 different places now, where there. They’re just as crazy as we so it’s all good. We’ve been staying in this awesome place just near the moat, although the hotel lady is a bit crazy… she banned us from using the bathroom during the day and kept whispering about how she knew someone in the mountains that did a cooking course but we weren’t allowed to tell anyone… okay then.

Sunday we woke up to the sound of music from the Wat at the end of our soi, so walked past and it was like some big festival with live music, loads of food, and a courtyard full of monks. We went to get food and all the Thai people were like “free, free” and gave us curry, rice, noodle, more curry, fruit, ice cream, and free drinks! Okay, not gonna lie, we did go up more than once. The food was sooo good! After that we went to other pretty Wats. One had all these Buddhism quotes pinned to the trees and as we were walking round a monk started talking to me about Laos, because he saw Livia’s Beer Lao t-shirt. He invited me to sit down and I went to shake his hand but then remembered the rules! He was called Udone and he was stopping his monk-life in a week and going back to his homeland Laos.

He had an ultra-dorky laugh where it sounded like he was having an asthma attack. He said he has TV and internet in his room and invited us back to watch some movies! LOL. Anyway, after talking for ages we all exchanged email addresses so now Livia and I have a monk penpal!

On Sunday night we went to the night bazaar which was crazy busy! It was so massive. We went just before dusk and had a look at a few stalls, and found bug snacks! So obviously we tried them, not quite sure what they were but like, crickets or something. Suddenly music started coming out of all these speakers and everyone stood up and we were like “Whaat?” And then realised it was the Thai National Anthem and we had to stand up and be quiet in respect for the Thai King. It didn’t help that I had like insects legs in my mouth right at that time! We carried on looking around the market which was full of the weird and wonderful (people and things).

There was even a pet stall with loads of cute rabbits and hamsters/mice. After debating for ages, we went back and bought a Russain hamster for 100Baht! And a really cool carriable pink cage with all the stuff we need. So yeah, now we have a pet hamster to transport around Thailand with us!

On Monday we rented a motorbike for 200B and went to Doi Suthep to see the Wat on top of the hill. Had some yummy khao sawy (noodle curry) and then went to the Wat which was really pretty and had lots of different sections and big Buddhas with lots of decoration. We spent ages at the top, eating and drinking shakes and finally left and drove all the way back and went to Wat U Mong (love the names) which is in the forest and had a really nice lake with about 20 monks sitting near. The actual Wat prayer bit was in this underground tunnel thing which was really cool. 

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Chiang Mai
photo by: Stevie_Wes