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I’m pretty bored of temples, and I’m definitely bored of writing about temples, but basically…
Yesterday we got a tuk-tuk today instead of the bicycles because we were going further, went to the Roulous group: Preah Ko, Bakong, and Lolei. They looked a lot like the temples in My Son (Hoi An, Vietnam.) Well I guess after a while they do all look the same. The we went back to Angkor proper and saw some other massive ruined temple. Later on we went market shopping and bought some bread and peanut butter and pate!

Today we got up at ridiculous a.m. and waited for our tuk-tuk driver until 6am when we realised he was a no-show. Walked down the dirt track and found a moto to Angkor Wat so off we sped- literally, it was really fast compared to usual (think we even broke 30mph! Shock horror!) And I actually hurt my arm holding on too tightly.
Still managed to get to Angkor Wat in time for sunrise along with all the other PWs. Took a million photos whilst waiting for the sun to come up (think when I’ll have to Photoshop out the stupid construction site going on at the main thingy… tower… chedi? Whatever.) We were actually allowed in this time! Angkor Wat is so over-rated. It’s nice and everything… whatever everything means in this case, but I prefer the other ones like Bayon and Ta Prohm that are more ruined and have tree roots surrounding them. I preferred the outside of Angkor Wat where all the bas-reliefs were, teling all the tales of Hindu mythology. Took another thousand pictures of that because “When I get home I’ll be able to re-connect the pictures with the stories…” Right. Sure.

After that excitement we couldn’t contain ourselves and found another tuk-tuk driver for the day.
Used the walk-away-haggling-tactic and the guy came running after us. Seriously, it has NEVER failed (in the market some guy lowered his price by $1 with every step I took.) So we tuk-tuked to Preah Khan which was ruin-y and massive, and Preah Neak Pean which by this time Livia and I were seriously getting templed out. Ta Som was next which again was massive and looked like the others. Saw some other temples… Banteay Srei was actually different because they used a different brick to the rest so it was well preserved and so intricately detailed and orange. Anyway, we all got bored and went home and slept.
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photo by: genetravelling