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So the past few nights basically consisted of going to the night market some more, getting a foot massage, going to the Moon Bar again, and going to this awesome club near Khao San road which was full of Thai teenagers and they were all so interested in us. They have cool dance moves to all the songs and were really impressed by mine and Livia’s knowledge of the Nobody song.

The days consisted of exploring the joys of Bangkok. Livia and I split up for most of the week since she was due to head down south at a quicker rate than me. Basically we were both going to go home in mid-April but since I still have money and have no reason to go ‘home’ I’m staying. Yay :)

So on Tuesday I finally went to the Grand Palace after getting attacked by the pigeon lady from Home Alone.

You know, the crazy pigeon lady (who actually turns out to be really nice) but yeah, this woman just came up to me and like FORCED pigeon feed into my hand and I was like “no no no no” because I knew she’d ask for money, and well, pigeons are disgusting and horrible and I hate them. But she like ripped open the packet and threw it in my hand and everywhere and all these horrible pigeons came and I wanted to cry. And then she tried asking for 50B or something ridiculous! I just ran off- okay, strolled because it’s too hot to run!

So yeah, I got there when it was the changing of the guards (yawn- I live in London) but all the Chinese and Japanese tourists loved it. It’s so full of all these silly tour groups getting in my way. Ugh. Also I had to wear some awful sarong skirt thing that I kept hoisting up because I couldn’t walk properly because it was too tight around the ankles.

But it was all worth it because the Grand Palace was amazing! The thing of the Emerald Buddha is way over-hyped, I could barely see it! The grounds was just full of loads of different buildings and stupas and a guy painting over the ‘ancient’ painting, and a fake mini Angkor Wat, but it was really beautiful. There was another bit (I think that was actually the Grand palace?) and loads of guards around. One of them was dawdling and poking the ground with his gun and then suddenly stopped and stood up tall and straight when he saw me haha.

When I finally left these annoying people were like “Wat Pho is closed” “Wat Pho is this way” etc. I hate how people just assume they know you and know where you’re going ALL the time. To be fair, I was going to Wat Pho but I needed a break first, so chilled out in this nearby park thing for a while which was nice and full of couples trying to be sneaky sneaky hehe.

Wat Pho is like a maze! Definitely follow the signs! I was walking around all the flower power chedis for ages and eventually found the giant laying down Buddha. There was a guard shouting at everyone where to put shoes and I ended up in the ‘locals’ line (I blend in now with my awesome Asian-ness) and used the specialist shoe guard- whatever that even means. The Buddha really is HUGE and had really massively perfectly aligned feet, I didn’t even mind looking at them (I mentioned how I HATE feet and love the custom here of feet being disgusting and lowly). There was some religious scam happening where people paid like 20B and swapped it for change (probably worth 10B) and then people dropped the coins into the ‘religious blessed la di dar’ things i.e. money boxes for the government.
Okay, I KNOW there’s maintenance costs and stuff, but that’s why there’s an entry FEE for these types of things. I just will never understand religion and ‘religious’ acts. Although with Buddhism, it’s more a way of life then an actual belief in a god which I can deal with.

The rest of the past few days we visited Jim Thompson’s house (he was some sort of silk merchant and they’ve changed his house into a museum?), the AWESOME cinema in Siam Paragon, where afterwards we walked around the mall and ended up crashing this party for an opening of a really posh expensive jewellery store! We also visited this Teak Mansion thing that was a palace for one of the former guards, but the guides proper bigged it up like “it’s the only house made entirely of wood” but yeah, I just didn’t really get it- looking around the rich and famous houses isn’t really for me, if it was I could just watch MTV cribs.

So we literally had to sneak off away from the tour group and there was bloody guards outside and we had to argue with them to let us LEAVE. Gosh. After that we went to Dusit zoo which was just your regular zoo I guess, only most the animals there we probably see in the wild down the road!

Today we just chilled in Lumphini park- like the only bit of green in Bangkok, and got a pedalo boat in the lake. At the moment I’m on the night train to Ranong- well, Chumphon, and then bus to Ranong to do a visa run since they expire tomorrow! Oh, by the way, Livia never actually left me in the end, the day she was gonna go we went partying instead, then the next day we decided to do something else, and then when she actually finally went to the station, the ATM swallowed her card so had to stay to sort that out! Yay for me! 

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photo by: Deats