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Didn't leave the hotel until like 3pm and then went for food and hung around until 6pm. Got bored so went to check out some posh hotel for like $70/night and apart from being $63 more expensive the only difference was a bath tub. Wet rooms are so much cooler.

Got onto our night bus to Nha Trang, we saved 4pounds by not getting a bed, had a seat instead which makes sense because we sat up right on a planer for 18 hours so why not a bus for 12? Besides, the beds were so small I would have ended up sitting upright. People got off at Qui Nhon, so I could put my feet up on a spare chair across the aisle. I think I finally managed to sleep until we got a flat tire at 3am and had no spare tire so we had to actually fix it. I say 'we', I mean the driver and sidekicks fixed it. I watched.

It was so jokes earlier in the hotel, we were really thirst and stingy, so we drunk the coke out of the fridge but only opened the can a little bit and then re-filled it with water and used Livia's penknife to close it up after! They never found out! I also found my Swiss army knife after not seeing it since China.
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Nha Trang
photo by: rotorhead85