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After last night we weren't really in a rush to go anywhere, so just checked out and did the whole my bag in Livia's bag to save money on the bag storage (1pound20 in this case- gosh I really wish I could be bothered to work out how to get a pound sign on this thing). Why do we even have to pay? It's just a crappy room with a fake lock on it (I had some fat up key and it wasn't even needed because the lock was broken)

We then went down to the French Quarter which is way different to the Old Quarter because the streets are like wide but still as busy, and well, more Frenchy. We went to the Museum of Vietnamese Women and it was all about the women in the American War and stuff and there was loads of letters and it was really interesting reading about how strong willed and minded little 15 year old girls really were. One of the letters was explaining how a daughter sent her mum 5 dong. FIVE dong. That was alot of money back then, where's now, it's worthless. On the top floor there was an exhibition on the street sellers (that always seem to think I want a photo of me carrying their heavy loads, but all I really want is a pineapple!) and I read all their stories. Like one girl was 17 and her earnings went on her little sister's schooling (which everybody has to pay for here even though it's meant to be a communist country?)

We then went onto Hoa La Prison which was quite saddening because when the French invaded they destroyed all these temples and pagodas and built a prison for Vietnamese Political Prisoners with horrible conditions. They had one of those solidarity cells like in Alcatraz and we could see real cells where the people got executed which freaked me out a bit because they smelt of death but it was still really interesting (which is good because I'm going to be a Sociology and Criminology student for the next three years- hello York)

We decided we need food for our night train so asked for directions and got the usual straight ahead "that way" which actually turned out to be right. Then we went for bia at Scary Lady's place again (my gosh I actually write beer in Vietnamese without even thinking now) Well, we were at the crossroads and she practically dragged us to her place (that's our excuse anyway) Then some old bragging man with his mail-order-Thai-bride started chatting to us and wouldn't shut up so we started talking to some Aussie guy (there's so many of them) and then the Finish guy from the border (Arie) turned up and everybody knew him.

5 beers later we decide to leave and got a cyclo thingy to the station which didn't look the station but in the end we found our train and these people tutted as we got to our beth- again, a plank with of wood. Whatever vehicle we get next we're getting soft because this was so rickity every movement kept me awake.

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photo by: mario26