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It was my turn to drive today, and after getting the motorbike back out of someone's house, we headed for Tad Yeung. Of course our bike is slightly broken so I had to kick start it and Livia jumped on the back before I shot off or the bike died again. 10 minutes of gripping-on later, we got the waterfall. I had another bout of diarrhea over a squat toilet which didn't go too well but I'll cancel the details this time since all I ever talk about is poo.

Anyway, got to the waterfall which was amazing. Definately my favourite, it was really eroded so that we could stand right on the edge at the top and saw the double waterfall gush down. Livia's leg was hurt from yesterday so she rested for a while. I cross over the rive on the hopping stones.
Screw bridges. It was a bit like 'Takeshi's Castle' because some of the stones were a bit loose. Later we clambered down loads of broken steps and I went right to the bottom and saw and awesome rainbow in front of the waterfall and it was just so pretty with the colours and everything. Clambered and sweated my way back up after almost forgetting my sunglasses, and then left.

Back on the bike I drove for AGES and kept thinking we'd taken a wrong turning because our map is rubbish. Anyway, the tarmaced road soon turned into dust which soon turned into a sandpit which of course, soon turned into another bike tippling over fiasco. The bike managed to cut my knee. Scout motto again: I had my first aid kit. So we cleaned and plastered my knee while some kids crowded round staring at our dust covered selves and tried on my sunglasses.
We decided it was too dangerous/sandy (we were practically sinking) to carry on so walked with the bike for a bit. Further on we met two Aussie guys who were CYCLING through S.E. Asia. They must have been scouts because they were so well prepared. We explained our situation and they tried to call a GH in Tad Lo to see if anyone could come and pick us up. Unfortunately nobody picked up but they promised us they'd ask somebody as soon as they got there. So we carried on walking/half biking and a short while later a minibus stopped. So I got on and Livia motorcycled the rest of the way. They were really nice Dutch people who hired the driver so my was free. Woohoo! I got to Tim's GH which was full so I ordered some food to pass the time waiting for Livia. Literally hours passed and eventually Kim and Tristan (the Aussie saviors) showed up and seconds later Livia arrived. She got lost and ended up miles down the road. Anyway, all four of us trotted off in search off a room and found this woman we called Mama, who led us through some banana leaf hut village where we got our very own for 25,000Kip. Okay, definitely THE cheapest. That's 1pound EACH. Go us! It came with electricity (granted we had to sellotape plugs in) but cool, eh?

Went to Mama's restaurant for food and BeerLao and lao-lao and then all the other (two) places and finally fell into bed.

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Tat Lo
photo by: xander_van_hoof