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Took of from Pakse today after going to the MASSIVE morning market after eating, and buying some awesome black biker sunglasses. Set off down route whatever it was and soon got to the higher elevation of the Boloven Plateau. After driving for ages we finally got to Tad Fane waterfall, after getting a bit lost. Saw the massive double water falling and it started POURING down. Luckily we brought some warm clothes and raincoats with us but still got soaked to the bone and the way down to the waterfall became very slippery. Got back to our drenched motorbike and Livia drove very carefully down the flooded pot holed road. Next thing we knew, the motorbike was skidding all over the place until it stopped and finally tippled over. Basically the motorbike fell on Livia, and Livia fell on me, and my foot got wedged in something or another (damn my feet getting stuck everywhere) and we were just shook up alot. Some bus driver guy stopped to see if we were okay and checked our bike for us. We were fine, just I was coated in mud/clay stuff. We crossed over to another Tad something which was a littler waterfall that we could walk behind. I did my washing (well washing my sarong that got caked) and then we waded to a raft that was connect to a rope right across the waterfall, so pulled ourselves across (mroe fun than walking round) Saw the remaints of an old fire. Me remembering scouts motto (always be prepared) had a lighter. We gather some of those flakey twigs that burn reallywell and usedsome paper and made an awesome massive fire. Found a massive bamboo shoot and tied my washing to that, hung it over the fire and dried it nicely.

Got back on the motorbike and soon arrived at Pakson, by which time it was dusk. Found Borlaven GH only to be told it was the restaurant AFTER we got all the stuff from the bike. Ordered some food like 4 times because they were idiots. Got to the GH and got a nice wooden room for 60,000K. Played cards and tried to dry the rest of our stuff.
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photo by: Saladin79