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Livia's parents left today (to go to Siem Reap) and she went with them to the Royal Palace and stuff in the morning but I couldn't be bothered to get up early and didn't want to pay like 5pounds to see more temples anyway. There’s Angkor for that. Cambodia's expensive, not quite as expensive as Hong Kong, but more so than Vietnam anyway. So I watched television until like 12 when they came back. Waved them off on the coach and went to eat. The rest of the day we walked around in search of a guide book (we didn’t really know that much about Cambodia as we had only planned to see Angkor- as per usual, plans changed) and cheap stuff. Found neither.

Walked along the quayside and saw loads of homeless people camped out in some nice pagoda archway thing that is way nicer than any house. People are proper homeless here, not like fake Larry the Tramp (Larry is infamous in my home town of Enfield, but some say he’s not really homeless, some say he’s a millionaire who just likes to talk to people on the streets. He actually got a record deal with a local ‘rapper’ as well). They just seem to deal with it as oppose to bugging you. There's also a lot more disabled limbless people here than in Vietnam. I miss Vietnam; it's so strange because I keep comparing everything to it. Like the prices here I convert into Dong instead of Pounds, which I guess is good because then I have a more realistic Asian ‘base’ price for stuff. It's so annoying because the cash machines dispense dollars (EVERYTHING is quoted in dollars, and they often give dollar and Riel (Cambodian currency) back mixed as change.) Anyway, the ATM gave me a rate of 1.31 dollar to the pound! OH MY GOD. It used to be 2:1. So everything is well expensive for us Brits. I wish I got loads of dong in Vietnam.

For dinner, we had some Khmer fried noodles with yummy square meats and 10 gallons of oil, and went back to the guest house where we changed from our no longer free $10 room to a $2 bed in a dorm! Granted, it is literally wooden planks with some sort of sheet for a mattress (actually, I just broke the wood, so it’s probably only one plank) Livia and I even have our own little section with a curtain wrap-around that people still poke their heads round. The bathroom is a bit on the ‘off’ side but for $2 I can’t complain. I'm dreading going back home where that amount of money would get me a local bus ride and a bag of crisps. Only if I have my Oyster card.
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Phnom Penh
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