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Start of our 3 day Mekong Delta trip, was on the coach by 8am, got some coconut bread next to the petrol pump (where else?) half way through the journey. Got on a boat and saw Cai Be floating market which was just as busy as all the land markets. Instead of having a flag, the boats have a stick with the fruit and vegetables hanging from it, showing what they sell on that specific boat. I noticed that when they are trading, they just merrily throw the produce across the water onto another boat! We saw other boats dredging the sand from the river and almost sinking with the weight of it all.

We got back onto dry land and then walked through an orchard and saw how they make rice paper and this yummy coconut sweet and we got loads of free sweets and also saw how they made rice crispies and popcorn (which was gross- I just do not like popcorn.) For a change, we had chicken and rice for lunch which was even tastier than usual. We were sitting with some vegetarians, so had their chicken as well. Saw some crocodiles after that (caged) and listened to some music by the fish farmers, which told a story of their love for each other, but how the man had to focus on fishing. Something like that anyway... it was in Vietnamese.

Carried on up the mighty Mekong and then got on a coach and a ferry to Can Tho, and went down by the riverside to eat. Ended up having snake curry which was soooo good. The meat was so tender and not at all leathery like these other liars had said. I did keep thinking about the two pet snakes I used to have though but they were a different kind. Walked through the night market and saw all the dead trees and other random stuff they were trying to sell. Wet markets are way more fun, even if it does mean wading through a river of god knows what.
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Can Tho
photo by: alanmica