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I waited until 1pm for Livia to wake up, for some reason I awoke quite early even though yesterday I was so so tired. Finally left the room at 3pm and ate. Walked around the market again and got an awesome Monk t-shirt for $2 (we love Monks with their bright orange robes) The woman selling it was really funny, “Ah… you like monkey t-shirt…. OH!!! No!! I mean Monk…” haha. We then went to the night market where we had many lol’s at the knock of DVDs with the fake front covers and such. I bought an awesome multicoloured elephant-mobile (the hanging type, not a phone) and then we found a pool of dead-skin-eating fish that was apparently better than a massage (said the advertising video) so we had to try that ($3 for 20 minutes but the guy let us stay for 45 because we distracted him by singing Khmer songs.) It was seriously the tickliest thing ever, I had to hold onto the side (so I wouldn’t fall in) as well as my bladder. Anyway we learnt the ‘mud mud mud’ song (Okay it’s obviously not like that in Khmer…) and we went to the music stall guy and sung it to him to see if he had it- he didn’t. Saw some music and dance performance by these orphaned children and it wwas WELL good even though they were all like under 10 years old. They were telling the stories of Hindu mythology like in Angkor Wat.

When we got tired we went home, and decided to take the short way where the road was blocked, but we figured we’d still be allowed to walk. That was until we got to the massive hole in the road. We didn’t want to walk all the way around so we basically climbed across some piping desperately trying not to fall into the pit of darkness.
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