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Rented bicycles and cycled down to the bus station to find out the bus to Luang Prabang was at 2pm. We carried on cycling down to the river and past all the bars and eventually got to Vang Vieng Organic Farm and had a quick look around. We then went down by the riverside, with Johor-Worl wrapped up and floated him down the river (yes, we had a dead squished up half burnt bird in our room for 8 days).

Got to the bus station and Slash (some guy we met the other night who wore a Slash t-shirt) happened to be on our minibus, along with this really odd couple who read cartoon porno books, and a few other people. Oh my god. It was the worst journey ever; worse than 18 hour plane journey, worse than hard sleeper trains, worse than sawngthaews. The road was just so twisty; it was like we were bending round 360º and the driver NEVER slowed. I was getting flung about everywhere, so much so that I was grabbing onto the door and seats and anything to stop me from falling! Somehow everyone else seemed fine and some even asleep! 

Eventually (5 hours later) we stopped and I pointlessly bought food I didn’t want because I thought I was hungry, but I just felt sick instead, and we soon got back on the minibus. I called shotgun and sat up front with the driver and had so much room and I wasn’t falling everywhere. I soon nodded off to sleep.

When I woke up, darkness had fallen and the mountains had all faded into each other. I could see the distant glimmering of lights from the hill tribe villages, and the red glow of the bush fires from their slash and burn shifting cultivation techniques (Geography geek). They all live in their bamboo and banana-left huts and have so little (apart from the ubiquitous satellite dishes) and in a way, the lights were like their own glow of hope and happiness. I suddenly just got this overwhelming sense of… I don’t know; content maybe? I even had tears in my eyes. There’s just something I’ve always found magical about travelling at night, even if it’s just going down the M1 in England.

We soon started passing through settlements and there was a massive gathering/ street party in one. Finally we arrived in Luang Prabang, and got a tuk-tuk with the weirdo couple to a guesthouse they stayed in before. The people were really nice and it was only 60,000Kip. It was made of paper though, and the steps were ridiculously hard to clamber up.

Shortly after, Livia and I walked around the hill and went to the massive night market. We saw Kim (again) and the girls we met in Phnom Penh (who tired and wanted food, so just headed straight to the massive food stalls section. Naturally we sourced out we also saw in Sihanoukville) who had coincidently met each other. We didn’t bother to look around the market because we were meat on a stick and sticky rice. In general, and food with ‘stick’ in the name is good. Apart from maybe stick insects...

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Luang Prabang
photo by: oxangu2