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Got onto the shitty minibus with our luggage on top, to the Laos border. Walked through, got stamped 100 times. Walked through what seemed like the longest no man's land EVER. Got on another bus to somewhere I can't spell and then crossed over on the ferry to Don Khong (Si Phan Don/Four Thousand Islands). Found a place called Souk Salay or something for 60,000K, right on the edge of the island on the Mekong (okay well the restaurant was on the Mekong, the actual room was in some backhouse but is was nice all the same).

After some food from our laughing woman, we hired some bikes and started cycling around the island through the bamboo thickets and past paddy fields and it felt like we were back in Vietnam, but only calmer and more laid back. Stopped in some little village for drinks (it's seriously too hot) and I felt really sick/faint and got back on my bike and started convulsing apparently, and then I passed out. I fell over and fell on Livia and we both fell on the floor and then she picked me up and I was all like "What?" wondering why she was walking me to a bench because I didn't know what happened. Carrierd on half an hour later but I still had poo pains and could no longer wait, so basically I ended up taking a dump in a field behind some bush and using some paper to wipe with. Not the most pleasant of experiences.

Went to some place down the road for dinner and ended up sharing my rice with 15 mosquito/ant things and there was a whole LAYER of them on the wall by the light. Gross.
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Don Khong
photo by: Stevie_Wes