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Last night was SO scary.First of al, the bed is really uncomfortable and ridiculously close to everybody else. Secondly, the Swedish guy SCREAMS in his sleep. I woke up all disoriontated and he was screaming on and off for hours. To top it all off, the Malay guy (nickname- Mr. Bean because he is EXACTLY the same) got really scared and kept poking his head round my bed which scared the shit out of me (he on the bottom of my bunk) Livia and I were so scared the Swedish man would get up and strangle us because he kept sitting up and waving his arms around. We found out this morning it was a nightmare about the memory of seeing his friend drown after a boat crash. We met the other crazies which include, but not limited to" Mr Bed bugs- a guy who waves his sheet in my face complaining about bed bugs; Scaredy Cat- a guy who keeps coming to our end of the dorm then running off; Prince Harry- some posh gapper who's real name is William; and Starving Marvin, some guy who hasn't eaten in 3 days because the ATMs aren't working and he has no money.

Anyway, we finally left after waiting for the bathroom for ages (there's 18 people in our dorm, another 6 somewhere else, and a couple of rooms) and went and ate "Rice Any Food'. Got bicycles and cycled the wrong way down all the one-way roads to the Lao National Museum which wasn't really that great. We weren't in the mood for museums really. It had loads of fossils found in Laos and statues and a really boring bit about the Plain of Jars. IT was ridiculously hot so we spent most of the time next to the air con boxes.

After that we cycled to Victory Monument (Patouxai or something) which is a bit like the Arc D'Triamphe in Paris. Alot of people say it's tacky and even the sign confirmed that! But I really liked it, it looked really nice from the outside and the gardens were beautiful. After getting some yummy coffee ice-cream we tramp0led up the stairs. The view at the top was awesome- no Eiffel Tower, or Louvre or weird square thing (what IS that??) but you could just about make out That Luang so it almost equalled with Paris (okay, no) They have similar street lamps anyway.

Clambered down and went to That Luang which is coated in gold so we saw it glimmering from a distance. Inside wqas really nice and bright and we found a weak bird that we decided to keep and nurse so now we have a pet bird. There was a monk who started talking to us and of course got flustered. I was a bit embarrassed because he saw me try to take a photo of him earlier. 
We went to go and pick up our passports and visas, which thankfully wasn't as much of a hassle as yesterday. Decided to cycle for a bit longer and we just turned round a corner and saw this boy laying on the ground shaking. We went to see if he was okay and he was like foaming at the mouth and had some manky bandage on his leg. Obviously in need of help Livia ran to the Wat museum thing while I waited with the boy. Some other whiteys soon came and they offered him water which he didn't want. Some other guys and traffic warden/police people came but all they said was "no problem, hahaha". Great advice. In the end we took him into the museum thing for shade, but he clearly wasn't wanted. We asked them to drive him to the hospital or do something they point blankly refused, saying we was 'crazy'. By this point me and Livia were so angry, it doesn't matter if he were crazy, young, old, Laotian or Nepalese, he clearly needed help. The museum people started asking him questions (well it sounded more like shouting) and we asked what he said, they replied with "I don't know." Some stupid guide was so pointless, we asked if he was just gonna leave him and all he could come up with was "Yes, because I am working now" to which the French guy with us replied "Yeah, well I'm on vacation but I'm still helping". Go Frenchy! Meanwhile, Livia took my brilliant idea and went to get a tuk-tuk ambulance. While she was gone the boy keeled over and started proper shaking again his head kept hitting the floor and he was moaning something. It was like the Swedish guy last night but worse. And real. I just didn't know what to do. Eventually a tuk-tuk came and we place the boy in and drove like all of 5 minutes around the corner to one of the few hospitals in Laos. It seemed quite good and he got carted off on a trolley. Talk about laid back Laos, too laid back that nobody could be bothered to help this child who was almost dying to get to the hospital FIVE minutes away?! Anyway, we hoped he'd be okay.
Later on Prince Harry started talking to us again, he gave us tips on how to look after Johor Worl (we named the bird after Mr Bean- who is SO weird he has this HUGE patch of random sewing on his shirt that he carefully sews over and over each morning). So we bought some bread for Johor and mushed up and syringe fed it. Finally got to bed after a long day, feeling a bit like Mother Theresa and waited for the screams once again.

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photo by: skydiver