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Landed in Hong Kong. Was very different to Mumbai when landing (apart from the fact it was light) it was really mountainous and lots of sea around the islands (bit ignorant but before this I didn't know HK had like many islands, I just thought it was one) There was like seriously so many sky scrapers, just like next to the mountains, all a bit surreal really. We thought it best we stay in the airport for a while figuring out what to do so we went into a bookshop and read a guide book for ages. Obviously didn't buy it. Found out that the touristy 'cheap' area is in Kowloon so decided to go there. Saw our first funny Asian thing which was half a sandwich, it's probably why they're all so slim, not like our English triple sandwiches.

(This sounds so crap written down but at the time it was hilarious- probably a mix of delusion, tiredness, and Asian excitement) It was the same price as what we'd pay for a triple so we realised from then on, Hong Kong was going to be bloody expensive! We then got the train to Kowloon which cost $70 (7pounds- when I write $ I mean Hong Kong Dollars) We realise now we got the rip off airport express and not the MTR (London Underground but cleaner, safer, and alot more efficient.) Everybody just constantly stares here. At me, at Livia, even at each other.

We got to Kowloon and it turned into some massive shopping mall (most the stations here have some sort of mall attached to them) Livia and I had read in the guidebook about the Chung King mansions on Nathan Road so we wanted to head there. We asked some guy at the information desk, "Just follow Jordan Road, just follow it" he said. Okay, so we got out of the station, and for some reason wherever we are, Livia always seems to have such a bad sense of direction and I seem to just have right guesses, so we followed some Chinese sign and asked another person for directions to be sure. "It's really far, about 10 minutes" That's not far we thought so carried on walking (we had our massive backpacks and stupid carry on bag as well) About 30 minutes later we reached Nathan Road. I guess it was like our HK equivalent of Khao San Road in Bangkok- our intended destination. I was getting fed up of trying to find the place so we followed like 100 signs pointing to various hostels. Ended up walking down this side street and was like "Let's go here!" and Livia was all "Are you sure?" So we crossed over and it was like one of those really manky alleyways where all the bins are kept, mixed with like, a haunted house style gate with overgrown god knows what. There was vibe, definitely a vibe. Livia went to push the gate and then realised the vibe was a bad one. Without saying anything we just crossed back over and went onto the main street again.

We finally found the Chung King mansions- cue dramatic music- and got harassed by like 80 people. This one guy worked at the 'Lucky' 'Hotel' (I quoted both for the sarcasm, you know... that thing you do with your fingers...) this is the one that was recommended in the guide book, so we went off with him. Got a room for like $280! (28 pound which is WELL expensive) And it was like tiny. Like seriously small. Probably smaller than the screen you're reading this one. We went around to other hostels later and they were more expensive so at least we got the cheapest of the expensive bunch. Had a shower in our (very) wet room. Was quite nice actually, especially when I needed the toilet and it was soaked.

Later on we walked to the harbour (I must say now, Hong Kong is a bit like London in the sense of once you're central, everything is quite close and compact, it's just getting to the central bit that takes time) Looked across over the water and saw amazing skyscrapers, they were just so amazing. With loads of lights and stuff, but it wasn't tacky like Blackpool or anything, it was all oriental and I think that's what makes most things over here nice. We found out that the only thing in HK that's cheap is the food. We had like a omelet meaty thing on rice and stuff for $29 and a dim sum(my tummy) noodle soup thing for $25. I note to you all now, I never fully know what I'm eating, hence the adjectives of 'stuff' and 'things' I usually only know if it's rice or noodles. Both are a pain to eat with chopsticks but I seem to have shovel and chew thing going on so it works out okay.

huibdos says:
The way I interpret your description of Hong kong is like it is like in the movie Soylent Green.
(but I saw enough Jackie Chan movies to know it isn't:)
Posted on: Sep 03, 2009
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