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Had to rush to catch our bus to Hoi An today so ended up going hungry and moaning again on the bus. Tried sleeping but every time I nodded off the stupid Germans behind would start shouting or hitting my chair or the bus driver would press his horn for 5 minutes continually.

We stopped for food and got some weird smelly jelly dumpling thing and the bus driver's sidekick (they always seem to have a sidekick taking up valuable room) told us we couldn't eat because it was smelly. I told him I was going to die and would hang it out the window (my food, not my dead body). It felt like we were in school again secretly eating snacks when the teacher wasn’t looking.

Got to Hoi An around midday and after being told by almost every hotel they were fully booked (didn’t know Hoi An was so popular!) we found Thuy Duong for $9 but we got it for $8 (still expensive so Livia stole another towel)

We got the Hoi An sightseeing ticket which allows you to see 5 ancient sights but some people didn't check our ticket so we ended up seeing like 7. Which included: Japanese Covered Bridge, Cantonese Assembly Hall, Phuc Kiem Assembly Hall (my favourite and I got all spiritual and donated some dong (like 2p worth) and lit an incense stick and worshipped Buddha and I reached Nirvana all within 5 seconds).

Because we'd seen the whole of Hoi An in 3 hours, we rented a bicycle and took the cycle route to the beach. Livia was scared again and I was just merrily filming cycling along with one hand until I almost crashed.

Got to the beach and I ran and touched the South China Sea for the first time. I do believe in Halong Bay it was the Gulf of Tonkin (okay I just looked in the guide book). Anyway, once you get past all the islands and the Philippines it extends into the Pacific Ocean, so now I've technically touched both sides of the Pacific! (The other being when I was in California).

Stayed on the beach until dark and paddled in the waves some more and got soaked some more because they were so huge and powerful. I didn't step more than like 2 inches in because of all those channel 4 documentaries were the guy was like floating in the ocean for like a week and I remembered how hard it was to paddle in the calm waters of Halong Bay so I knew I wouldn't survive.

Got back and went for nice food in the place opposite our hotel and then the whole town erupted into cheer because Vietnam won the football again! Now I thought Hoi An was a really nice quaint peaceful town, but soon enough it turned into the streets of Hanoi. We got caught up in some crowd of 10 year olds that were waving leaves around because they couldn't afford flags I guess, so I gave one of them my little one and he was so thankful and kept shaking my hand. Then I turned around and saw the Jesus guy again (oh yeah, we saw him earlier in the day too) and he was all "C'mon guys, it's getting a bit boring now" in his drab Leeds accent. Then I turned back around because I thought Livia was grabbing my hand but it turned out to be a baby that some woman was trying to make me carry. Another time for an escape plan. Walked away from the crowd down to the river where we found the whole street flooded. It hadn't even rained so we realised it's a daily occurrence of the river flooding because of the tides. Crazy. Finally went back to the hotel and watched Epic Movie.
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