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Woke up to the sound of people phelming in the bathroom. It's a good sales/advertising pitch to have the hotel workers sleeping in the same room as you, including wake up call...

Okay, so Hanoi is crazy. My parents, Uncle and Auntie came to Vietnam last year, so I'd heard their stories, seen their photos and knew a little bit of what to expect. But it still didn't prepare me. It's just absolute madness (or maybe just organised chaos to the locals) The roads are just filled with motorbikes, in fact, the pavements are filled with motorbikes too, after a while I figured it's just easier to walk on the road as you blend in with the traffic and there's generally less holes to fall in and stuff to trip over. Crossing the roads: just go. Seriously, go. Yes, a thousand motorbikes are coming at you, but they can see you, they avoid you... by an inch. Just try and avoid anything with more than 2 wheels, big lorrie on one side, big bus on the other = not good.

We walked (read: stumbled and tried to avoid vehicles) around the whole of the old quarter and a bit further. Went to the market and Livia bought a lantern and I got a foldable straw hat. We are serious hagglers now, I think it's my new hobbie. Got a cyclo thing to the station and bought our Hanoi- Lao Cai ticket. Had a bit of a disagreement with Livia- I wanted to pay £1 more and get a nice soft sleeper, but she insisted on being 'hardcore' and getting a hard sleeper. She then spent the £1 we saved on ice cream or something. Huff.

After asking around for ages about it, we found a proper camera shop. Actually, we found a whole street of camera shops. They don't seem to understand the concept of 'competition' here in Vietnam. I ended up buying the better model of my old camera for some million dong (it sounds so funny saying millions all the time.) We also booked our Sinh Cafe Halong Bay tour.

Spent the rest of the day walking around eating 15,000 Dong pho. So good.

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photo by: mario26