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Woke up at 6am again (spit, spit). Walked down the road and got onto a row boat at 7am. I was wearing my cool foldable Vietnamese hat and the wind blew it off but our awesome rower woman had reflexes faster than the speed of light and caught my hat in the air and fixed it for me! We saw all the floating houses and went to one that had the caged fish breeding thing and apparently there were 100,000 fish underneath this house like 10x10metres! They all came (well not all ALL) splashing and jumping out of the water when we fed them. Next we went to a Cham ethnic minority village where the kids kept asking for gum and pens, and we gave one to this girl and she wrote on the house stilt and we looked afterwards and it was a number 2. Einstein in the making!

After that we got on a motorised boat to the border while some guy went ahead on a motorbike with all our passports and money. Had some yummy pho (my last Vietnamese one!) and spring rolls before no mans land and then passed through the border. Got on another boat after almost falling in because I have bad balance at the best of times, let alone when 15 kilograms are on my back. Got off at immigration inspection and the guy stamped my passport and arrival/departure card like 5 times just to make one tiny little stamp. They always go crazy. Turned around and saw a dog's tail up another dog's bum and saw the border guards laughing until they pulled free and there was all poo and blood on the dogs tail. Welcome to Cambodia!

Got back on the boat and went upstream for like 3 hours to Lek Luang and then got on a minibus to Phnom Penh. As we were coming in, saw an awesome sunset and realised that every other building here is a temple, pagoda, shrine, or other fancy thing. Got dumped at 'Okay' guesthouse and got an okay room (haha). Had chicken coconut curry at the hotel because Livia's dad was sick and it was late and we were all tired.

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Phnom Penh
photo by: terminalfunk