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Went to see Cao Dai Holy See which I was really excited about because it's like so many religions mixed in one and they have saints like Victor Hugo and Joan of Arc and the temple's like in all the pictures of Vietnam and it was even better in real life. So bright and colourful and airy and the windows were made with the all seeing eye in the middle and inside there were massive columns with dragons wrapped around them in bright colours reaching up to the ceiling that had stars on it representing the sky. Then was time was for the service and people came in wear blue, red and yellow and the rest of them in white, and at the top back were all the kids singing and playing instruments and it all seemed really fun. Cao Daoism is by far, the coolest religion I have come across.

After that we went to the Cu Chi tunnels which were in a word, tiny- even though they were extended to accommodate Westerners. We went the whole way through (well not the full 12km- just the bit open to the public) while most people escaped through the air holes. There was one part where I had to lay down and shuffle through. When I finally resurfaced I was all hot and sweaty but they gave us free tea and potato stuff. It made me think “No wonder the Vietnamese won the war!” because I found it hard to be down there for a few minutes, let alone months at a time.

Got back to HCMC at about 6pm and got a bus to Cholon (China Town) which was more hectic than the rest of HCMC. It was market closing time, so there was an inevitable pile of rubbish with every step.  Ate at another street place and had an awesome meal for 16,000D! (65p!!) I love Vietnam more and more each day. Walked down to the dirty closing market and got some yummy biscuits and Livia got a new battery charger that makes an awesome light show.
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