Cambodians singing and dancing to English music on Chinese New Years Eve

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Did nothing today. Again. We're getting quite good at this. Actually I lie, we found out my camera has a ‘smile shutter’ so had muchos fun with that for a couple of hours. Went back to Epic Arts Cafe and ate loads more cake and tuna melt. Seriously, it is THE best. Came back to the hotel in time for the Cambodians were celebrating a birthday and Chinese New Year's Eve in our hotel. At least that explained the mountain decorations and food left outside our room; we would have tucked in but half of it was going off. We couldn't be bothered until we left at like 11.30pm and had the mankiest food ever which was this rice in water and manky sausage crap and it made me heave. Ugh. So we got a nice pineapple and mango shake after that and it was well live and kicking along this little street filled with night shake stands.

Walking home down the pitch black streets at 2am meant the dogs were after our bloody more than the mosquitoes. We did the accustomed ‘cross the road to avoid the dogs technique’ but one just wouldn’t leave us alone, it came out of it’s territory and Livia warned me not to run… I gave my apologies and ran as fast as I could away from it. Back home I dropped my glasses on the floor for like the 10th time which made the lens crack ALL the way down and now falls out every 2 seconds.
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photo by: asturjimmy