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Livia and I arrived at Heathrow Terminal 3 at 6.30am. Was told we couldn't stay in India (our stop over, and where we 'planned' to spend a couple of days until the BKK airport opened again) because of our lack of visa. So we went to the ticket desk and asked if we could go somewhere else, they gave us a choice of Singapore or Hong Kong, and chose Hong Kong! Singapore would have been awesome but we still would have had to go to Bangkok or somewhere in Thailand to get to Hanoi, Vietnam, and we had no idea when the blockades would be over. We had no onward plan from HK so it's now a proper adventure. We got onto our flight and by this time (Livia and I who hadn't slept the night before) were starting to go a bit delirious. We were falling asleep every 2 minutes and kept waking up feeling we'd slept for hours just to realise our plane STILL hadn't moved.
"We're still here?!" The guy next to us was just laughing. Bad times for him cos I he had to move every time we needed the toilet. Overall the flight was pretty good, enough leg room apart from when the guy in front kept moving his chair back. And the guy behind kept poking mine. We had these cool individual T.V/Game things so played watched/played on that. Finally got some sleep and woke up unable to move cos I was so doubled over. 8 and a bit hours later we touched down in Mumbai, India. 12.30am local time, 27degrees C! Humidity like 500%. Got ushered through security and Livia got stopped and had to empty her bag. I think they thought her camera was like a lighter or something. They just kept staring at us. There was only one other English person on our flight so I guess it was a bit odd, especially taking into account the recent attacks in Mumbai). Got onto the air conditioned plane and chose our third Indian plane food meal of the day (yummy!) and drunk some manky lemon juice (washing up liquid). We got the emergency exit seats and realised through the flight we could pull down the steward's chair and lay our just like 1st class. Only like a quarter of the price!
doofusme says:
Hi Roxyiana
You ROCK roflmao
What a start to a trip dude.....
Posted on: Jan 05, 2011
nyprne says:
This is quite the trip. Congrats on the feature.
Posted on: Jan 05, 2011
huibdos says:
It seems, the story has a beginning that is not told yet by the narrator:)
Posted on: Sep 03, 2009
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