Hiking in Manoa Falls. Fly back the same day...soaking wet!

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Last day in Hawaii…. I met a woman from Los Angeles, but originally from Ukraine. She checked out at the hotel the same day I did, and we both have to take the "red eye flight" to LAX. We chatted for awhile. Next thing I know, we were hiking in the beautiful Manoa Falls. First, we are all dressed, ready to fly, and checked out of the hotel, but our flight is not until 9:45pm and my car has to be returned by 8:30pm. We’ve still got the entire day. Where else do we go? We already explored almost the whole islands. It’s pretty neat to have the GPS to show the highlights of the tourist spots. Well, we drove towards the mountain without destination. All of a sudden, it rains with cats and dogs.

The mountain is nice and foggy. I like fog for some reason. I consider it “world wonder” While we were driving, we suddenly saw a big sign of a water falls called Manoa Falls. How lucky is that? We were driving until the end of the road. There was a “No Parking” sign, so we returned to the entrance, and leave our car and belongings there.

It was a great hike despite the heavy rain. I am not really a big fan of hiking, but that time it was so nice and interesting. We saw a lot of unbelievably tall, cool trees with lots of zigzag roots, lots of fine looking bamboos, and scary cliffs. That place is sure a â€śreal adventure”

There was actually two water falls in that area.

The other one is in a botanical garden, but that falls is not as high as Manoa Falls.  Since I am not a Botanist, I prefer seeing the highest water fall I could find.  I still got to see a lot of interesting plants when we were hiking towards Manoa Falls. I have seen a lot of unusual plants in my life since I grew up in the jungles of the Philippines. The hiking reminds me of my childhood. It’s funny because I almost forgot all about it. Then, we kept hiking until we reached the highest water fall I have ever seen. It was really worth hiking.

Okay, we have seen the falls already. I took couple of pictures, but couldn’t really take much because the water drips on the lenses of my digital camera. So, we hike back. It was sure easier to get back because it is downhill.

I could mix walking and running. We just have to be careful the slippery stones and slippery surface and mud. We reached to the parking lot. We were soaking wet. Our “flying clothes” are now muddy, wet and dirty. We ran out of clean clothes. What are we going to do?


Then, we hit to the department store to get a decent clothes and shoes. What an expensive exploring that was after all. We grab couple of nice clothes and shoes; I got stockings for mine. Fortunately, I still have clean nice outfit left since I packed the whole house every time I travel. Gee… we still have more time, but we don’t want to sit at the airport that long. Hey! Look on the right!  There is a dollar movie on the way to the car rental place. Well, we steer the car towards the parking lot, and watched the movie called IGOR”.

By the time the movie was over, it was just about time to return the car rental and proceed to the airport. We turn on the GPS, then hit to Thrifty car rental. Darn! We miss the exit! Now, we’re lost. Blame it to the GPS! RECALCULATING!!!



margie_adventure says:
I will keep that in mind ;-) Must be really easy to hike for tall people like you.
Posted on: Dec 05, 2008
Hurch says:
Next time you go on a long hike I'll rent you my legs - makes it much easier. My friend who hiked with me in the Tahoe backcountry nicknamed me "Stride-Rite" because I walked up mountains in about five steps.
Posted on: Dec 05, 2008
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