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The narrow streets of Limone

We left Lake Garda (Largo di garda) and headed north along the beautiful roads to the town of Limone (Limone sul garda). Limone sits on a narrow strip of land at the foot of the tall, rocky cliffs north of the Limone Riviera, with unbelievable scenes of mountain and water. It feels like being in a dream land, paradise if I may. Peter told me that I the past the only access to Limone was from the mountains or from the lake, its economy solely on fishing and on olive and lemon-growing (it is the northernmost area where citrus fruits can be grown), thus the name Limone (Italian for Lemon).

This town has an old economy evident in it's hot houses where lemons were grown in the past and the intriguing fishing port that can still be seen. I must say I ate fish in a style I do not believe I shall ever eat again unless I return to Limone. Lucky for Helen and I, Peter is a fine dinning guy and loves good wine, so we dined like there was no tomorrow. Of course he knew his way around this little town so we did not need a guide nor ask questions like the typical tourist would.
The pillars and walls of the lemon houses (the typical hot-houses where lemons were grown) and the charming fishing port that can still be seen today are echoes of this old economy.
In 1932 Limone was officially connected to its neighbouring towns when the picturesque Gardesana Occidentale Road was completed and years of isolation and separation were ended. The town is now one of the most popular, well-equipped tourist towns of Lake Garda region, but it has preserved its small-town charm which makes it even the more attractive. The narrow streets, ports, ancient homes and lush vegetation makes it an absolute must see.

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The narrow streets of Limone
The narrow streets of Limone
photo by: Africancrab