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Monday, 22 December 2008

6:31 a.m.


Today we are planning to go to Queenstown, we will be stopping at a tourist attraction for salmon farming as well as a tourist attraction where we can see some man-made maze, which is good for the children. The maze will be situated in Wanaka, which is approximately half way to our destination at Queenstown. Hopefully we can find the maze's location alright. My plan is to go for an information centre in the Wanaka township and then ask around and look for information sheets about the Maze place, which is called Puzzling World. It is a very suitable location for families with kids.


After arriving at Queenstown we are planning for some Gondola rides to the peak to panoramic view of the city


Last night we had a lovely dinner, which is just like what we have at home, this is so good because it means that all of us will recharge ourselves and be ready for the days ahead.


22/12/2008, 7:47 a.m.

I tried to play Age of Empires while waiting for the others to wake up and get on with the day's schedule, but what I found out is that I did not have the ISO cd image file and so I could not start the game properly. What a bomber. I also gave counter strike a go but there is no one to play with and also I do not have a mouse, it means that the game is boring to play.


Looks like the others are slowly getting up now.


22/12/2008, 7:52 a.m.

For breakfast I had porridge, Chinese pie and boiled flavoured eggs. It was fulfilling and sufficient for a good breakfast.



22/12/2008, 10:36 p.m.

Today we went to more places than I have ever planned, this is mostly because I thought Tongtong will be able to make it for most of the natural scenic walks, but in fact he successfully participated. Places we went to include the Salmon Farm, some waterfalls and the Blue Lake. The amazing thing in the blue lake is that there was a bridge that everyone had to cross to actually get to see the blue lake, the bridge was like the typical jungle style bridge.


Also there is the Puzzling World at Wanaka which was real fun. In one of the tilted rooms we were all made dizzy by all the tiltedness. The water appears to be flowing upwards because of the entire room have an tilt angle associated, the centre of gravity which suppose to go straight downwards toward the earth's centre appears to be going in a tilted fashion. There was also the Hall of Faces where when you move the faces all turn to look at you.


The best thing about the puzzling world is the maze, you had to find all the four coloured corner towers before you can actually start finding way back to the start, to go back to the start of the maze one had to go back in a particular channel and only through that channel can that person come out of the maze. My Mum were able to find all the corners but weren't able to find her way back to the start to finish off the maze trip. She used the emergency exit because my sister Bonnie was always wanting to go to toilet and mum had to take that emergency exit as an alternative.


After arriving at Queenstown we quickly managed to find the motel were booked, so we unpacked all our things to the room

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photo by: genetravelling