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Lake Tekapo

Friday, 26 December 2008

3:27 p.m.


We have arrived in Lake Tekapo, but everyone seems to be pretty tired due to the late night watching the Blue Penguins. My Mum and Dad felt a bit ill, due to the late night and the strong cold wind during Penguin watches.


The path to Lake Tekapo seemed to be pretty long as things aren't that interesting anymore, because we've pretty much seen the best of South Island in the past few days.




Mt Cook

We had a quick divert to Mt Cook, where we had some up close look of Mt Cook. Some quick photos but these photos were taken in a rainy situation.



There is a pretty good dining location for Chinese food, but due to the day being Boxing Day, there is a surcharge of 20% making it a quite expensive lunch.


The dinner at Lake Tekapo has some incentives as they provide some free beverage if we choose to dine at the hotel, but we eventually chose to make some instant noodle to fill up our stomach. Everyone seem to agree that hotels are not as good as motels because of the lack of cooking facilities.


Godley Hotel

This hotel seems pretty good to me, but most of the passengers think that the hotel is not that good for some reason.

The hotel had a swimming pool and spa, but because there is an Alpine Spa nearby we aren't going to make use of it and would be going to the tourist attraction instead.


I purchased a one-hour internet on a internet booth, then I realised there is a Godley Hotel Hotspot whereby one can use their credit card to purchase a short access to internet.


Hopefully I can use up the one-hour internet, I really do not like using a computer in some kind of a guest lounge, as I do not have the flexibilities of using wireless internet through my laptop. Looks like the wireless internet is operated by The Internet Access Company, who has hotspots in many different motels and hotels throughout New Zealand.


26/12/2008, 6:12 p.m.

Something caught my attention is the presence of the Holy Bible in our stays near Christmas time, maybe they have it all year round, which I am not sure, or they just have it because it is Christmas.


Of the entire Holy Bible, I am most interested in the Revelations, because it describes the end and I am especially interested in what would happen at the end of all the things said in the Holy Bible.



Alpine Springs and Spa

We went to this Alpine Springs after being suggested by the hotel reception as something to do before stargazing at 10pm.


There were three different spa at the site, separated by different temperatures at 39, 38 then 37 degrees Celsius.


After staying in the hot pool water for sometime, all of us felt more relaxed, then we decided to leave the pool for hotel for some resting time.



Looks like most of the fellow travellers were not interested in this activity, so I dropped down the registered list of people going to myself and my Sister Bonnie. Hopefully as the reception says the weather would be good.


26/12/2008, 6:10 p.m.

I am not sure whether cloudy weather counts as a bad weather so as to cancel the stargazing trip. However I am sure if it rains, the trip will definitely be cancelled.


27/12/2008, 8:56 a.m.

Yesterday we went stargazing at night, first we went to the Earth & Sky office then departed with a bus at about 10:15 p.m. with my Sister Bonnie. It took us about 15 minutes to arrive at Mt John. On the way we saw the brightest object in the sun at night, our neighbouring planet Venus.


Over the next two hours, we saw many stars and constellations, and even some galaxies. We saw our closest star Alpha Centuria, 4.2 light years away. This star is actually a combination of three different stars close to each other. The most attractive sight is the crossing of the International Space Station and a communication satellite both of which looked like moving stars across the night sky and eventually ending up behind the Earth's shadows.


The Lake Tekapo townships has begin using a special light bulb for their lighting which has a cap to prevent the light escaping upwards towards the sky, this is so to prevent these light polluting the scientific viewing investigations by professional astronomers working on Mt John's Observatory.


On the way to the Observatory we saw Lupin, which are brought to New Zealand, it can be a problem in some waterways due to its deep roots. The path to the top of Mt John is blocked from access at night to stop vehicle lights interfering with astronomers' viewing of the night sky.


The Mt John's Observatory is a cooperated project between Japan and New Zealand, the area called Makenzie Basin has been chosen for this because of the large number of good night skies as the surrounding mountains protect the basin from bad weathers.

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Lake Tekapo
photo by: Mikie