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Hanmer Springs Day Two

Monday, 29 December 2008

9:50 a.m.


Today we are planning to go to a nearby animal farm called Wai arili Nature Park, which have a wide variety of animals, some of them allows kids to be fed, of course you would have to purchase food for the animals yourself from the farm.


After that we are planning to go to Thrillseekers Canyon Adventure Centre, which has 4wd motor bikes and jet boating for the group. I believe the jet boating is more suitable option as there are no age limits.


Afterwards I will lead the group to Hanmer Springs' main attraction the Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools, where we will relax for the remaining of the day and night, then head home for  dinner and sleep.


Wai ariki Nature Park

29/12/2008, 9:07 p.m.

The animal farm had many farm animals that are fun for kids and families, but the place is smaller than I thought. My Mum Daisy did not even go into it, because she hates the sunlight that makes her get migraine.


The animal that I remember was all the lamas, we actually bought two packets of food for the animals for two dollars each. The reception specifically said that we are not suppose to feed the donkey because it gets too fat.


I saw a rare pig in the farm but it was not that interesting, but the place was a relaxing morning for the whole family.



Quad Bike

29/12/2008, 3:39 p.m.

We went to the Thrillseekers Canyon Adventure Centre to have some Quad Bike experience, Andy had prior experience with Quad Bike so he went for manual control whereas Dad and I chose the automatic option. All Quad Bikes are inbuilt with automatic and manual gears.


Throughout the trip we crossed about five river streams and crossed many rocky paths only suitable for Quad Bikes. At one location I almost fell off the bike because I went over a busy plant and the bike plunged over the plant into the river, luckily I was able to regain control of the directions.


Thermal Pools

29/12/2008, 9:07 p.m.

We went to the thermal pools, first thing I did was go on the water slides with my Sister Bonnie, there were two different water slides, one was easier than the other, the harder one is called "Black Hole", it had a label saying enter at your own risk.


While sliding down the Black Hole slide there was a region where my body starts bouncing around left and right strongly because of the sudden turns, at that time, there would always be an inrush of water onto my face.


I had a lot of slides down the water slides with my sister, she was very happy and was very excited about the slides. I think in total we did about 30 slides, at times we competed against each other on who would end up first at the bottom of the slide.


My Mum and Dad encouraged me to enter the hottest pool at the place at 41 degrees Celcius. I didn't really enter it because even with my legs in the pool my whole body was sweating and I had to drink lots of water to hydrate myself.


We actually found a nice place to lay down face up looking into the blue sky, with our bodies in a warm water, we stayed there relaxing for about half an hour. The total time in the thermal pools was about three hours and all of us have been relaxed by it.


The pools was a good timing after a morning at animal farm and doing an intensive activity at the Quad Bikes.


The good thing is that the pools have many options for people, because there are many temperature choice around the place, there is also the water slides as the main entertainment feature of the thermal pool.



29/12/2008, 10:51 p.m.

We had a lovely rice dinner with lots of vegetables, we also had tinned fish, they are so yummy after being so relaxed out at the thermal pools.


The rice was dry making it tastier than the usual moist rice. The food was really nice, I was already hungry at the pools, so having filled my tummies up was a good thing.


Dad actually took a lot of pictures of the food and I took a picture of the travelling group together smiling before the dinner. It was a happy meal.


Stargazing during Night Walk

29/12/2008, 10:59 p.m.

I was able to use the Hanmer Springs calm night to look into the dark sky again, I also explained what I learned at Night and Sky at Lake Tekapo, for example the method of identifying south is to find the two adjacent stars and the kite diamond star set and find the intersection of the centres above my head and draw a line straight downwards, where it points to will be Earth's south.


We also talked about the fundamentals of planets, stars and moon to my Mum who knows little about astronomy. I also pointed out a bright object in the night sky our neighbouring planet Venus.


We also talked about the possibility of achieving space travel using worm holes, but I had to argue using the Night & Sky knowledge that after going through a worm hole in space, the occupant of the spacecraft will be contracted down to an atom big, and thus would kill the occupants during the worm hole ride.

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Hanmer Springs
photo by: Besandri