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Saturday, 27 December 2008

12:56 p.m.


After about three hours drive we have arrived in Christchurch, this means that we have quite a bit of time to spend here. The plan is to have the tram and the punting tour of Christchurch, then spend time in the centre garden and playground there for sometime to relax.


After that I think we should tour around the town centre of Christchurch. In general we are pretty happy with the motor lodge we are staying in. But I wasn't too happy with their provision of wireless internet, this is because they do not provide readily available vouchers for sale but have to be accessed through the lengthy process which I think for access to the wireless network by using a signing up through via credit cards.



27/12/2008, 7:48 p.m.

We first went on the tram which took us around Christchurch, we all enjoyed the relaxing lifestyle in Christchurch, we went to the Christchurch town centre, where there was a clown doing some basketball tricks. The guy was pretty funny.


My Mum met some Taiwanese lady advertising Falungong to her, my Mum argued whatever the lady said was incorrect and useless. There are many people like that lady who is into Falungong and into how the Chinese government is lying to the people and have poor human rights history.



Christchurch Botanic Gardens

27/12/2008, 7:53 p.m.

The garden was large, it was a great place for my sister Bonnie and Andy's daughter Tongtong, I led them straight to the Young Children's Play Area, where to our surprise we found out there was free public swimming pools there. Tongtong quickly went into the pools and started jumping around happily in the water, however my sister Bonnie did not bring her togs and started crying because she couldn't enjoy the water as Tongtong whose Mum brought the togs for her.


In the end however, she agreed to just go into the water with her undies and a t-shirt, only then did she start enjoy a bit of water fun.


Tomorrow we are planning to go to Hanmer Springs where there will be golf, spring hot pools, horse treks, archery and others. We will stay there for two days and hopefully can thorough relax in that beautiful tourist township. The trip to the township will be a short two hour drive which gives us pretty much two full days there for fun. Hopefully all we have to do is book when we arrive there.



27/12/2008, 7:51 p.m.

We went for punting at about 6 p.m., which I believe everyone enjoyed, because it was a new experience having to sit in an English punt and travel upstream the Avon river and then downstream, the trip took approximately 20 minutes, 10 minutes short of what they promised on the ticket, but we did not complain as it was the last trip of the day and maybe the punters were tired at the end of the day.


However during the trip I was quite impressed by the views, the still waters and I even saw a  duck diving into the water because the water was so clear. The river wasn't deep at all, Andy asked for the depth to be about 40 cm, that isn't deep at all, which means it would give the punters extra grip on the bottom floor of the river bed, saving energy compared to if the river was deeper.


Night Out

27/12/2008, 11:23 p.m.

The night out the town to see some night life of Christchurch didn't went too well. This is because at the start we went to my Mum's past hospital test location but then we decided to go for a tunnel ride and mountain climb that took about 15km onto some mountain far apart from the centre of Christchurch.


After a distant and pretty scary drive along a mountain road we ended up in a dead end where we can only view the ocean, but since it was dark we chose not to stay there but to return to Christchurch town centre for some view of the night life.


That was what actually happened, we went to the township centre then took some photograph of the stone wall at the centre that looked similar to the one in France or some other country. Then we targeted the GPS towards our motel called Westside Motor Lodge.

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photo by: Fulla