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Today we all had a nice sleep because we were not busy to go on the road as we are going to stay in Queenstown for the day. This means we have more time.


23/12/2008, 4:20 p.m.

First we went to the Kiwi Birdlife Park which is situated adjacent to the actual Gondola rides. In the park I got to see two kiwibirds up close for the first time in my life, before that I saw kiwibirds in Auckland Zoo but they were never up so close and so big.

Today we also went on the Gondola ride, it was pretty scary at first, but when we made the return journey we were all pretty sweet. At the top of the Gondola ride the view was just stunning with the Frankton Arm meeting the Lake Wakatipu. All the lakes are so bluish in colour. The background is filled with mountains covered in greenish trees.

At the top of the Gondola ride we saw people jumping off for a bungy, people going for a slide with a parachute and people going for luge rides downhill from a higher point taken up by another set of escalator seats.



It seems that Queenstown is having a much longer daylight time compared to Auckland, I presume it is because of its closeness to Antarctica, our south pole where there is a great tilt towards the sun, making it 6 months day light and 6 months of darkness in turn.


It also seems that the sunshine is stronger in ultraviolet light and heat, maybe this is due to the closeness towards the ozone hole in the earth's atmosphere.


We had a nice break in the afternoon to stay away from the strong sun, after the sun we are planning to go near the lake Wakatipu and enjoy a bit of breeze.



We went to the Lake Wakatipu close up and found out that the water is very clear and there was a duck that we fed chips to. The duck knew to moisturise the chips before eating it. There was also a playground nearby where my sister Bonnie and Tongtong had some fun playing at the swings.


I believe the Hurleys motel in general provides a superb experience and well deserves its four star with a plus rating. It also has this wireless internet which cost $6 for one hour and can be used overtime rather than in one block. The wireless system is built up with a big network all the way across Queenstown and Frankton, this system is operated by a company who maintains the network.


We made use of the local petrol station to fill up the car and the local supermarket to purchase some food for the upcoming days, especially the Christmas break when we are expecting shops to shut down for holidays. We realised that the price levels in Queenstown are much higher when compared to Auckland.

Vikram says:
Go back up there during Sunset. You get some lovely views of the Mountains and the Lake.
Posted on: Dec 22, 2008
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