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'Cause we love the funk! ;)
Yeah, it was my best friend's birthday, it called for a party! :)

On Friday the only class I had was English and it was the last class we had this year. Due to the Climate Change Conference held in Poznań this year for 2 weeks in December the University is being closed down for the time being, and since it's Christmas time just after that - we have a whole month off from our uni. Isn't that just great?
Anyway, after the class I've picked up Kasia (TB Cinnamonelf) and Natalia from the train station. I had some time to buy a flower for Kasia.
We left the bags at my place, did a quick presentation of my flatmates and residence and we were off to do some shopping.
Yup, that's us! Beware:D
I don't really remember what we were looking for (probably some bags for Natalia and lingerie for Kasia?) but anyhow we did a marathon around Stary Browar. It got quite late so my favorite vegetarian bar closed already so we had dinner at a nice pancake place instead.
We got back to my place and got ready for THE party! We were off to Czytelnia - one of the coolest club-bars in the city - for a funk evening. When we finally managed to get to the bus stop (making yourself pretty took us some time...), just when we were about to head for the city center, the girls said they don;t want to enter the party totally sober. So we head for the liquor store. It took us half an hour and visiting 5 different shops to finally realize that the first one we were to actually had girl's favorite wine - Canelli - but we just didn't see it XD
After we did buy the bottle I thought we would go back to my place to drink it but NO. Girls had a more hardcore idea - let's drink it in the park in the center of the city! Mind you, it so NOT legal in Poland. And it was getting pretty freezing too. When we were sitting in Mickiewicz's Park just by the castle, we had a nice view of the opera by night. We drank the bottle of wine, chatted a bit and in much better moods finally managed to head for the club.
IT WAS AWESOME! The place was already packed when we entered and soon people felt the vibe of 70's funk and started dancing. Of course I had to climb on the stage and drag the girls with me as well! Hahaha! We had some drinks, the DJ was very skilled, he knew exactly what to do to get the party rollin' ;) Surprisingly it was his birthday too, we didn't believe he was only 18 (we were able to confirm that the next day and we were shocked!) since he was so good at mixing the songs. We wanted to switch clubs after midnight so we took a walk around the old market square and the neighborhood but in Piwnica 21 there was still some concert and Jolly Roger was taken over by some private party. We decided to head back for Czytelnia but oddly enough when we were back after 1 o'clock the music was different. It wasn't funk anymore but hip hop. The girls loved it and hit the dance floor, I'm not a big fan but since the Dj was so good, it was quite ok to listen to those beats.
We got home something after 3am I guess. Luckily we didn't wake my flatmates.

The next day we slept in late until noon or so (I'm NOT a morning person anyway). The girls wanted to buy some stuff so they went to Kupiec Poznański and I stayed in doing some cleaning and packing. After 3pm we had a train to catch to Bydgoszcz. The whole day was a bit lazy and sleepy, since the weather was kind of gloomy. On the train each of us was reading a different book and we were nagging how tired ans sleepy we were, hahaha! In the end we made it to our destination - our hometown - and that was it. I never understood why the girls didn't stay one more night in Poznań - we all love this city :)
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Cause we love the funk! ;)
'Cause we love the funk! ;)
Yup, thats us! Beware:D
Yup, that's us! Beware:D