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there he comes

Today i woke up arround 07.00am and went out for breakfast. After i finished  breakfast i went back to the room and get my stuff for diving. Today my buddy Karel wasn't with me because he was on a boattrip to the Thistlegorm wreck, so i got some other divers with me including a guide named Hassan and 2 other divers.

Around 09.30am we got in the water and started the dive. after a few minutes í thought oooh my god where did they learn diving.
After 10 minutes of swimming arround the corner there where two other divers wich try to sign us there was something in the blue. After a few seconds i saw a big Manta ray of 4Meters swimming above us, almost at the surface. It was awesome to see him so peaceful, there was only 1 snorkeler who saw the manta and made pictures of him.

great to see him almost at the surface

This manta made me forget everything what happend and a few minutes later it dissapeared in the blue and we went back to the start of our dive and finished our dive after 42minutes.

back at the diveschool we build our set up for the afternoon dive, after i finished my set i went back to the beach to relax a few more hours. At 3.00pm i went back to the diveschool for the afternoon dive.

Our second dive was with 6 persons including the unexperienced divers and a german girl, so i was diving with the unexperienced girl and the german girl dived with the unexperienced man, and Hassan was diving in front of us so he can arrange the dive. After 38 minutes the 2 unexperienced divers went out of air and had to go up. Me and the german girl both had around 120bar left so we both had even an half empty tank. Rob went out with the unexperienced divers so we could dive longer. Hassan accepted that we dive together and guide us allong the reef. and after 58 minutes also our tanks were empty. So we went out and cleaned up our stuff and went back to the room.

After i had a nice and warm shower i watched the photo's and went for diner.


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there he comes
there he comes
great to see him almost at the sur…
great to see him almost at the su…
and there he gos
and there he go's
a goup of snappers
a goup of snappers