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Since yesterday, I've been looking online for hostels in Macau. However, due to laziness, I just went to to look. But, everything in that website is fully-booked already. Until a few minutes ago, I was actually entertaining the possibility of sleeping in some park or walking around the cold streets of Macau all night long.

Then, I remembered that a TravBuddy friend went to Macau several months ago, and mentioned a cheap hostel there. So, I went to Nicander's blog and found the name of the place - San Va Hospederia. Very ghetto Portuguese, ain't it? I was still worried, though. What if it's full? What if I don't like it? Back to thoughts of sleeping in the streets or sightseeing all night long. Not fun!

So, while trying to be productive at work, I gave Google another try. Finally, I found the official website of Macau's tourism board thingy. I swear this website didn't exist until now, or I would've found it yesterday and saved myself from ruining my pants! Hey, I was so worried, okay?!? That's how I am when worried. So don't make me worried. You won't like me when I'm worried. That should serve as a warning.

Okay, less than 2 hours to go before I get my much-sought-after self outta here! Immigration better let me through without any hassles this time, or I'll be dead worried again. And they won't like me when I'm... heck, y'all know what comes next, right?

JeAr says:
lol i found a place alright! it's just me dear - always unprepared :D
Posted on: Jan 14, 2009
aiohdmg says:
Omg! U did not book any hotel!!
Hahaha..sleep in the park or not?
Posted on: Jan 13, 2009
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