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By about 10am we were on the Albany Highway southbound on the journey down to Albany. The distance is about 400km and we made it to our accommodation around 4pm. This included a stopover at a very busy BP to get some food and petrol and a stop so Steve could pee in the bushes, despite our insistence that he should pee while driving into his bottle of Red Bull.

We arrived at the house where four the guys had been since 8:30am since they had decided the night before (around 2am) that they might as well start driving down then. So by the time we got there, they had scoped out the house.

The afternoon and evening was spent throwing a football around, drinking beer, playing beer pong and lots of laughs. One of the guys brought a Seisha pipe with him so we all tried that. It's like smoking out of a bong but the "tobacco" is tobacco free and smells and tastes like cherries. Different, but kind of cool. The night was pretty relaxed since eight of us were getting up at 7am to go diving.

Since we had a house that sleeps 8 and we have 12 people staying at the house, a few of the guys had to sleep on the floor. Georgia and I shared a double bed and were woken up at 4am to Steve coming in and wanting to sleep on our floor because one of the guys was snoring ridiculously loudly. Gotta love sharing a room with boys.

So the weekend I was a bit apprehensive about seems like it's going to be quite the good time. We've got a bunch of ipods on the go with plenty of old school music and more sing alongs than I can count!

ariwardani says:
The highway is a pretty tough journey. Is the sightseeing worth to see?
Posted on: Apr 15, 2009
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