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Yardie Creek

Well today didn't quite turn out the way I thought it would. I had faxed my registration to Ningaloo Reef Dreaming on Tuesday to do two day dives and a night dive on Navy Pier. The woman at the counter of the store where I sent the fax said that it went through ok, even though I asked for a confirmation page to which she said they did not do. Well my $3 fax must not have gone through because I waited for the bus to pick me up from 7:40 - 8am and it didn't show up. Once someone finally answered the phone at NRD, she told me they never received my registration. Lesson learned: Don't trust random fax sending people. Call to confirm they received the fax.

On a side note, trying to make calls here is very annoying and costly. First the calling card still requires $0.

View in Yardie Creek looking out at the ocean
50 to place a call and then this card I had said $0.20 per minute to Australian land lines. This morning I had $8 left of my calling card. I called 4 numbers, talked for a total of about 1 minute and it ate through all my time. The first call said I had 45 minutes remaining. After a 30 second call I suddenly had 24 minutes remaining, etc. Urgh I wish my mobile had reception!!!!

So at 8am, which is too late to join pretty much any other tour in the town (I even walked over to Exmouth Diving Centre and their dive tour had left a half hour ago), I had to figure out something to do. My options were to stay at the hostel all day and use the pool, or rent a car and drive somewhere.

I chose option number 2. By 9:45am, after a lot of hard work to get a car, I was off towards Turquoise Bay (as if I'd go somewhere else) :)

On a funny side note, I was wearing my Dalhousie University shorts that have DAL in bright letters across my bum.

The "Road" after the Yardie Creek parking lot
While I was at the pay phone trying to track down a rental car, a guy came up to me and told me he wasn't being creepy but wanted to know if he could take a photo of my butt. Of course I don't find that creepy at all! He told me he has a friend with the nickname "Dal" and wanted to take a picture to show his friend. I've heard weirder things, so I agreed. So while I was on the phone to Budget Car Rentals, he was at my butt level taking a photo.

One of the sights on our Perth to Exmouth itinerary was to go to Yardie Creek. Our tour guide insisted it was too far out of the way just to see a creek but we could go if we wanted. Alternatively, we could have more time at the beach. You can guess which option we took :)

Seeing as I had loads of time, I decided to drive the extra 30km each way to see the creek.

Oyster Shack "Beach"
Ok so it wasn't spectacular or anything but it was kind of pretty and worth checking out if you have an extra hour. There were people going on the 2 hour walk along the creek, I did the 1km return walk and saw a kangaroo. Bonus!

The road going south ends at the parking lot of Yardie Creek. So if you want to continue south, you have to cross the creek and definitely need a 4WD. My little Corolla Excel was not going to make it through the creek, and the extra insurance I took out (because of animals loving the roads around here) would be void if I took it in water. It would have been fun though!

After a little hike around the creek, I went to a place called Oyster Shack. It's a small "beach" where you can snorkel. I say "beach" because there's no sand, just sharp, point rocks and no real entrance into the water.

Walkway down to the beach in Turqouise Bay
After some careful manoeuvering, I made it into the water. The reef is really close to shore so I saw a lot of fish. The current was pretty strong and the idea of getting bashed into the rocks didn't seem tempting, so I didn't stay that long.

I was then off to Turquoise Bay. Once again it was awesome, although not as good as on Wednesday. The current was much stronger and the visiability wasn't as great. The water was still really warm (27 degrees) and it was nice and hot out. Just after I had finished a snorkel, I was laying on my towel and heard a guy yell out "TURTLE!". I jumped up and swam out in time to take a picture. Since I only have a disposable film camera, I'll have to wait to find out if it came out ok.

After some snorkelling, beach lounging, snorkelling and more beach lounging, I changed spots on the beach and went snorkelling some more on the north side of the beach.

Turtle missing his right arm. I nicknamed him Stumpy. This is the second time I saw him in two days.
After a few minutes of hearing a 7-8 year old whining about his sister stepping into his sand piting and ruining it, I was ready to leave the beach.

My main goal for the day was to make it to the lighthouse for sunset, which is exactly what I did. There were a few groups with campervans settling down to make dinner and had lawn chairs out to what the sunset. I took so many pictures that the sun was starting to blind me. At one point I closed my eyes and saw 8 little suns in various places. It was absolutely fantastic though. Mostly clear sky with just a hint of cloud. ahhhhhhhh magnifique!

I managed to drive about 200km today and didn't hit anything or even come close to hitting anything except a bird that seemed to be a bit suicidal (but he missed me).

The only wildlife I saw was a kangaroo laying in the shade along the creek trail and a kangaroo jumping off in the bushes out in the distance while I was taking a photo near a turtle observation area (during their egg laying season in Australian summer).

By the time I got back to the hostel and showered tonight, Exmouth was pretty much closed. Even the IGAs (which there are two of and are across the street from each other) closes at 7pm. It's funny because the town is just big enough for one supermarket but there are two: Ningaloo IGA and Exmouth IGA literally across the street from each other. Both, from what I can tell, sell the exact same things. This little town is weird.

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Yardie Creek
Yardie Creek
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View in Yardie Creek looking out …
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Turtle missing his right arm. I n…
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