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View from the lighthouse near Exmouth

Just as a quick intro ... today was absolutely spectacular. Definitely the best snorkelling I've ever done. I heart WA :)

Today we had the option of going on one of the many tours based out of Exmouth, or to go with our tour leader to Turquoise Bay. Since I'll be in Exmouth for 4 more days, I decided to take the trip out to Turquoise Bay for some snorkelling and beach lounging.

Once we arrived at the beach, I knew I made the right decision.

It's bad to say, but after seeing several turquoise coloured water and white sand beaches, it's almost tempting to (sarcastically) say "oh wow, another white sandy beach ..." and not be overly excited about it. For one, I doubt I'll ever quite get to that point, and secondly, this turquoise beach is quite special. The Ningaloo Reef is just a few metres off shore.

Kangaroo (or Wallaby) next to the visiter centre in Cape Range National Park
So what you do when you're there if you're interested in snorkelling, is to walk down the beach about 200m, and then float over top of the reef, letting the current take you back to where your towel is waiting for you (for some much needed sunbathing after all that "hard" work). If you're not into snorkelling, laying on the gorgeous beach looking at the turquoise water isn't a bad way to spend a day either.

We arrived at the beach around 10:30 and left around 4pm. Here's how the day went:

- walk to our towel laying spot, grab snorkel gear, walk down the beach to start the snorkel.

- swim out about 20m to the reef, float aimlessly

- see FOUR turtles (two swimming, one laying on the bottom, one eating in the corals)

- see pretty much every kind of fish I saw on the great barrier reef

- float to the towels, lay on the beach, tan, listen to ipod, almost fall asleep

- lunch

- walk 150m to the snorkelling spot, float aimlessly

- see a turtle missing his right front leg and with a non-working back left leg (probably so he wouldn't swim in circles)

- see a black tip reef SHARK! (only on a reef do you want to hear your swimming partner yell "SHARK!!")

- see about 300 yellow and black in a school, all swimming together almost like they're on a road.

Playing in the water at Turquoise Bay
The hundreds of fish only spread out about a metre. It really looked like a bunch of fish on a freeway.

- lay back on the beach

- discover where the shore goes from ankle deep to shoulder deep in a matter of 2 feet. Jump off the side like you're in a swimming pool. And yes the water was 25 degrees and the air was about 34 so it felt like a big, saltwater swimming pool :)

- hop back on the bus and sadly say goodbye to Tuquoise Bay

More animals that we almost hit while driving today:

- 3 or 4 or 5 kangaroos (I lost count)

- a 3 foot long lizard

- a 3 foot lizard, who, at the last minute, decided to run from the right side of the road to the left, underneath the bus so we almost hit it. I screamed and I think our bus driver did as well!

- a daddy emu with three little emus running behind him

- an eagle munching on some dead kangaroo

Tonight is the last night I have with my tour group as 4 of them are driving back to Perth over the next day and a half.

Turqouise Bay Beach
The rest of us are staying in Exmouth for some diving. Tomorrow is whale shark day. Hopefully we'll see at least one (and hopefully more like 6!)




barrol01 says:
I've been having a browse of you blog and your photos have me LONGING for summer! Glad you loved our beaches as much as I do! :)
Posted on: Sep 08, 2009
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View from the lighthouse near Exmo…
View from the lighthouse near Exm…
Kangaroo (or Wallaby) next to the …
Kangaroo (or Wallaby) next to the…
Playing in the water at Turquoise …
Playing in the water at Turquoise…
Turqouise Bay Beach
Turqouise Bay Beach
photo by: rollerblading