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Unfortunately I have to report my first incident since coming to Australia ...

My plan for Australia Day was to go to the beach and then to a BBQ in the afternoon. After an hour or so of laying on the beach, I decided to hop in the water for a few minutes to cool off. When I got out of the water I noticed my bag was gone. Because I was planning on going straight to the party from the beach, I had my wallet, camera, ipod and phone with me. So in the matter of 5 minutes I no longer had a phone or any one's phone number to call and get them to pick me up, no money, debit cards, credit cards or ID, my $450 underwater camera I bought in November was gone as well as my new Ipod nano I bought in December, no more house key to get into my house and of course no money to get home.

Fortunately there were lifeguards nearby and they let me use the phone to call the police and report it (although nothing has come out of that) and I was able to call my bank and have the cards cancelled straight away before any money was taken out of my account. They also gave me some money so I'd be able to take the train home ... so thank you North Cottesloe Surf Life Saving Club life guards!!! Another silver lining was that my $300 Oakley sunglasses that were laying on my towel weren't stolen and neither were my clothes so I didn't have to walk home in my bikini!!

I know it sounds stupid to leave all that sitting unattended on the beach, but when you're there on your own, there's not much choice. However, my major lesson learned is to take the very minimal of things I need with me. I also had my things the farthest from the water as possible since it was windy and there was some protection from the wind there. From now on, I'll have my things closer to the water. Let this be a lesson, even though the life guards told me that theifs are rare at that beach, it does happen so be careful!!

All in all, my time at the beach cost me about the same amount I spent on a weeklong all inclusive holiday in Cuba. The beach is nice, but not that nice!


Horus380 says:
that's awful! sorry to hear that you had your stuff stolen like that. I know whats its like to have that happen to you (I was mugged on my trip) and like you I was lucky enough to meet some great people who helped me get by.

I am happy that you have managed to keep your positive attitude about the situation :)
Posted on: Jan 29, 2009
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photo by: surfoz