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This morning we had free time until we had to board the bus at 10:30am. Since the main attraction of Monkey Mia (besides the gorgeous coast line, beaches and hot, sunny weather) is the dolphins, everyone in my dorm room got up early and went down to the beach. After a quick breakfast at 7, we walked down to the beach near the pier.

The amazing thing about the dolphins in the area is that they are wild dolphins but they show up at the same spot every day. I think part of it is the food they get handed into their mouths and the other part is that they like putting on a show.

When we got there, there were already about 40 people lined up along the beach in knee deep water. The dolphins were swimming around near the crowd and doing some jumps and splashing their tails. Altogether there were about 8 or 9 dolphins, being females with their young off spring.

After a talk about the dolphins by the ranger, a few volunteers came down with fish in buckets. Each dolphin has a bucket and for whatever reason, they have to be fed from their bucket. Why this is, I'm not sure. I was too busy taking pictures to listen to the "talk". The other cool thing about the dolphins is that they each have their "spot". So along the beach there's the volunteers with a dolphin floating right next to them. Next, they pick someone out of the crowd to feed the dolphin. For feed time #1, each dolphin was fed three fish and there were three of them.

Over the course the morning, they feed them three times. The time between the feeds can vary, depending on when the dolphins come back. We were lucky this morning because we saw all three feeds by 9:30. The ranger told us this can take until lunch time.

Out of our 19 person group, three people got the chance to feed the dolphins, including the two people I've been hanging out with. They tried to blow it off like it wasn't the coolest thing ever, but I wasn't convinced!

After the dolphin frenzy, we were back on the highway the same way we had come the night before. Instead of stopping at Shell Beach, we stopped at the Stromoalites. It's tough to explain what they are. All we were told is that they are rock "structures" that are in different parts of the world. Because of something they did a loooong time ago, they were able to produce oxygen and increase the oxygen level in the atmosphere to enable oxygen needing organisms like me and you to be able to live on earth. It sounds impressive but I think we were a bit underwhelmed by them. The massive amounts of flies flying into our faces didn't help either.

We had lunch at the caravan park next to the Stromoalites, which was a pretty creepy looking place that I wouldn't want to be visiting at night time alone. There were a few shanty type buildings and they each had old post office signs from different random towns on them. There was also a shop that had the most random stuff in it. It had lots of alcohol and other drinks, but also had $45 silk ties with kangaroos on them, stubby holders that said "I associate with the lowest level of life form", Indian scarfs and miniature buddah statues. Name something random and it was probably there.

Our next stop was a roadhouse where we were going to change buses and half the group was going on a different bus to return to Perth. I miss them  (kinda) but am happy now with all the room in the bus. I went from having a single seat to a double seat I can stretch out on and a single seat to put my feet on. We spent a lot of time on the bus today but it was waaaay more comfortable!


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Monkey Mia
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