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The last few weeks have been pretty uneventful. Weekdays at work, evenings either at the gym, running, reading with the occasional beers at the OBH in Cottesloe. Weekends involve at least one day, if not both days at the beach. Last weekend was Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the beach :) It helps that I have a friend with an apartment across the street from the beach and 20 seconds walking distance from the OBH. That all ends soon when he ships off to the Sand Pit :(

A guy I met through another guy at work is quite into running and I've met up with him a few times to run Jacob's Ladder, which is a long flight of stairs that has 241 stairs. I counted the other day to keep my mind off of the pain running through my legs! One night one of the army guys was there as well and he was so fit and incredible running up the super steep hill. It was very demoralizing but makes me want to run more and get in better shape!

Friday night was a pretty random night. I went to the beach to read my book and watch the sunset. It was 35 degrees at 7pm so the beach is really the only non air conditioned place that is bearable. Around 8:30 I was near the OBH and could hear a band playing. I figured I might as well stop in and have a beer and listen to the band. Well they were quite good and I noticed I missed the most recent bus (which at that hour comes once an hour), so I figured I'd have another. Well near the end of beer number 2, an old man (probably like 65 years old), with white hair, white beard and a wife beater, came over and said "I'm sorry, miss. But I don't think he's coming". I think he was referring to me playing with my mobile, like I was waiting for someone to join me. Honestly, who sits at a bar alone on a Friday night and drinks beer?? haha I told him I wasn't waiting for anyone.

He offered to buy me a drink and he was by himself and didn't want to turn down his good gesture :) While he was at the bar, a guy I had met Wednesday night (at the same bar and is a friend of a friend) came over and asked me if I wanted to join him and his friends. Well that sounded way more fun than drinking with surfer Santa so I joined them. Well the night ended up with more beers, a swim in the ocean and hanging out on the beach with a group from the nearby hostel and some french girls with a guitar. Quite the random night, but one of the most fun nights I've had since I've been here.

Yesterday was the Good Vibes Festival, one of the many festivals here in Perth during summer aka festival season. It started at 2:30 but I didn't feel like 8 hours of standing around on a dusty island with 25,000 other people. So after a morning / early afternoon at the beach, I made it to the grounds around 6pm. Cell phone reception was spotty so I just walked around hoping by some miracle that I would run into the friend I was meeting there. It took about 20 minutes and miraculously, I found him.

It didn't take long to lose him though. After spending 30 minutes waiting for the toilet, I went back to where the boys were and they were no where to be found. Since cell phone reception was crappy, I spent the Presets set walking / pushing my way through the crowd trying to find them. Eventually I gave up and Evan found me just after the set while the crowd cleared out before them Fatboy Slim was coming on. Even watching the Presets by myself (and 25,000 of my closest friends) it was still awesome. They put on a great show. Since I only knew a couple Fatboy Slim songs, I wasn't expecting much but his show was awesome and great to dance around to. Although I must admit, my dance moves had nothing on the many people on a various assortment of drugs in the crowd!

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photo by: cimtech