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Snorkelling at the beach in Coral Bay

I have to put a short disclaimer on here before I write my post. I'm writing this after a day at Torquoise Bay, which is one of the best places I've ever been. Until today, Coral Bay had that distinction (although I didn't quite feel as strongly about CB as I do TB). Sorry Coral Bay, but you're just not as nice!

Today we had the option of going on one of the many tours out of Coral Bay or to do absolutely nothing until 4:30pm. Most people did a tour, I did the "nothing". Some of the tours the other people did included: two dives on the reef, quading on the sand dunes and a glass bottom boat tour along the reef to see turtles, dugongs and sharks.

My "lay on the beach all day and not be anywhere near a bus" day suited me just fine.

Three toned water

After a good sleep in, I grabbed some brekkie and headed to the beach. I brought my snorkelling stuff with me and went out on the reef. It wasn't bad and was definitely good for a snorkelling site straight off the beach. There were a bunch of different types of fish and no current so you could swim around as you pleased pretty easily.

After some snorkelling, I did some beach laying, then more swimming, beach laying, etc.

It's hard to do the area justice after the beforementioned trip to Turquoise Bay today. The major differences between the two areas are as follows:

- Coral Bay has a giant caravan park, shops, hostel, another caravan park (I think) and the beach is about a 5 minute walk from these places. So it's nice to be able to leave the beach and grab some food, ice cream, water, etc.

more coral bay beach water
In TB, it's in a national park and has no services besides an outhouse and a shaded area to eat. The benefit of TB, if you're into that sort of thing, is the fact that there were hardly anyone there. Had a cruise ship not have docked in Exmouth, there would have been pretty much no one there other than the eight of us.

-  The water in CB was nice and by no means cold, but the water in TB felt like bath water. mmmmmmmm

- Turquoise water in both places, but the water in TB was soooo clear it looked like it was from a tap and that was in two metres of water

- When I first walked down to the beach in CB the tide was high and there was practically no beach. I literally had to walk through ankle to half knee deep water because there was no beach in some spots. Although the beach did appear later in the day, TB had a gorgeous white sand beach with heaps of room.

- waaaaaay more fish at TB, not to mention turtles and sharks!

- lots of kids at CB because of the camping facilities and easy access to the beach. TB had no kids and a hot aussie snorkelling instructor instructor named Dave  ;)

All in all, my day in Coral Bay was absolutely fantastic, only to be topped by a day in Turquoise Bay.

Did I mention the forecast for Exmouth for the next five days is 33 - 34 degrees and sunny?? YAY


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Snorkelling at the beach in Coral …
Snorkelling at the beach in Coral…
Three toned water
Three toned water
more coral bay beach water
more coral bay beach water
Sunset near Coral Bay, taken at on…
Sunset near Coral Bay, taken at o…
Coral Bay
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