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I have to describe last night's events for you to fully appreciate this morning's craziness. I met up with Curt, the Canadian guy from the dive trip at a bar at 7:30. After going to get some sketchy chinese food (and after my even sketchier $15 chinese massage) we went to a pub called the Wool Shed that people on "Oz Experience", a backpacker bus group, gets a cheap meal. The drinks are 2 for the price of one from 8-9 and 10-11. The bar was full of crazy, young backpackers and apparently later in the night there was a goldfish race but I left before I had a chance to see it. Long story short, I may have had a few too many.

Anywho, my alarm goes off this morning and I look at my cell and it says 7:20. I jump out of bed freaking out because I thought I was getting picked up at 7:15 (although the thought of going back to bed looked appealing).

I'm running around like a mad man, throwing what I think I need into my bag and darting out the front door with some people quietly eating breakfast giving me a strange looks. And there's no bus waiting for me. Then it occurs to me that my pickup time yesterday was 7:15 and after confirming my ticket, I see I'm getting picked up at 7:45. Phew. Crisis averted.

The tour I went on today was the "On the Wallaby" tour, that had 18 of us in a big van. This mix included a daughter, mom and dad from the Yukon (now living in BC), two German guys, a couple from the UK, two guys travelling by themselves from the UK, 7 still drunk at 8am guys from Ireland, me and the tour guide. The Irish guys were sooo loud this morning. Combined with my hangover, it was not a fun way to start the morning.

Throughout the day I was trying to understand them but their accents were so strong I still have no idea what they were saying all day.

We started driving into the mountains and the road we were on had something like a 100 turns. It literally went drive, drive, turn, drive, turn the other way, etc. The tour guide was quite funny, introducing us to each turn and straight away for awhile.

The day involved lots and lots of time around trees in the rainforest and swimming. Our first stop was a ginormous fig tree, which is hard to explain, so you really have to look at the picture. It reminded me of the creepy trees in the forest in the movie The Brothers Grimm (with mmmmmatt damon).

We then went to a lake that once was a volcanic crater. The lake was surprisingly warm.

Since it was a greenish colour, it reminded me of the glacier lakes in the rockies and I was expecting freezing cold water. This was more like a warm bath. There were some kids climbing a tree and jumping off the branches. Since this little 8 year old girl was doing it and then the 50 year old lady on our tour jumped off of it, I felt I had no choice but to jump as well. It didn't look very high but once I got up on the wet branch, holding onto another dodgy branch and looking down, it was pretty darn freaky. All I heard was someone yell "don't think about it" so I jumped. I think I ended up landing on my foot weird but I'm ok now.

After the lake swim we had lunch and then went to waterfall number 1. It was quite impressive although we were told that in a month the water is going to be gushing down.

He said the mountains get about 5-10 metres of rain in the summer so the waterfall will definitely look different during different times of the year. The water was much colder than the lake but I had to go in (mainly because the tour guide was splashing me and telling me he was going to throw me in if I didn't go in myself haha). Thanks to my underwater camera, I got some good pics from behind the waterfall.

We then went to waterfall #2. On the walk down to the waterfall, it started pouring quite hard. For alot of the walk, we were under the protection of the rainforrrest canopy, but when we got out in the open, everyone got soaked. By the time we got to the waterfall everyone was soaked and cold. I figured, since I'm already wet, I might as well go in. The water was a bit warmer than the last place and we got to play around in another waterfall.

For wildlife, we didn't see any kangaroos, but we did see some turtles, a few pretty big lizards and a bush turkey. I was hoping to see a tree kangaroo but ah well. There's always a zoo!

Quite the long day but so worth it. So after two days in Cairns, I saw reef and rainforest and waterfalls. Mission accomplished. Onto Airlie Beach I go to start my tour to Sydney.

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photo by: Katie_Kate