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Georgia and I on the sail out

The morning started early with a 7:45am departure time from our weekend home. We met our dive instructors down at the jetty for 8am. After setting up our gear and putting on our very unflattering wet suits, we boarded the 18ish foot boat. There were eight of us from our group, two other men and the three divemasters.

The weather wasn't quite as nice and we would have liked as it was pretty cloudy and a bit windy but at least it wasn't raining or the thunder showers that someone had mentioned was forecast. The trip out was a bit choppy but no one got sick. The sail out took about 20 minutes which was long enough for the boat safety lecture and a dive briefing when we arrived at the site which is easy to find since the mast is partially sticking out of the water.

Georgia showing off her cut hand
The plan was to dive the back of the boat on dive #1 and then the front on dive #2.

Highlights of the dive included:

- seeing a dolphin swimming under water, a sight which the instructors on board (5 years diving there) and another one on the radio who had dove there for nine years had never seen. It was super cool to see flipper in person under water!
- Seeing Steve ride the submerged 8 foot canon like a horse (ride 'em cowboy)
- Random dumb things the boys were doing in the water
- Sitting on the captain's chair in the wheel house and spinning around on the chair (weird that it hasn't rusted in place)
- Swimming through the various rooms of the ship
- Seeing a hugemongous school of shiny silver fish swim by
- Seeing four gigantic (2ish meter long) fish swimming by trying to eat the smaller fish
- Seeing Georgia's hand under water that she had cut on the boat, with her cut looking green because of the loss of colour at depth (the green was cool.
The cut was not so cool)
- Jumping back in the water in just my wetsuit just before leaving for the jetty so I could pee while everyone watched and took pictures

The water temperature was about 19 degrees and the 45 minutes between dives spent on the boat was used to stare at the horizon to try not to get sick (no one did but most people weren't feeling so well) and to try to stay warm (the wetsuits helped). It was tough to get into the water for dive #2 because we were already cold but since you have to do a giant stride into the water there's no "easing" into the water.

After we were back on shore and rinsed off our gear, the bous went to a sauna and Georgia and I went to a chemist to get something for the giant gash on her hand.

After some food and naps, a few of us went to see some of the natural wonders of the area.

A field full of kangaroos!
These included the "Gap", "Natural Bridge" and the "Blow Hole". They were all pretty cool to see, especially the Natural Bridge. On the way to the three sites, we drove past a field FULL of kangaroos. Definitely a highlight for me! (maybe not so much for the three Aussies in the car with me but we stopped so I could take pictures).

Saturday night was going to be a big night since no one had to get up early in the morning to go diving! We ended up having a BBQ at the house with lots and lots of food and even more beer (and a gigantic chocolate egg). Since it was a Saturday night, we thought it would be fun to check out what Albany bars have to offer (turns out, not so much). We walked down to the main street and found a bar that had karaoke that night.

Ever since Georgia and I had seen the sign for karaoke we were hell bent on going and singing so we picked a song and went up to set up the karaoke machine for it.
The Natural Bridge (I'm on there somewhere)
After getting yelled at for messing around with the equipment (we thought it was self serve), we belted out a rendition of Living on a Prayer. Fortunately for Georgia, but unfortunately for everyone else, her mic didn't work but mine did. We were praised for the stage presence, dominated mostly by my guitar hero moves (green, green, red, WHAMMY BAR!!).

We spent most of our time at the bar hanging out with older bogans, including one rather large woman who was owning the karaoke mic. At one point, Georgia, Steve, Steve and I were sitting at a table with some dodgy looking people having a random sing-along of everything from "I want to Hold your Hand" by the Beatles to "The Gambler" by Kenny Rogers. After some funny pics with a guy that was passed out and a statue in a park we found near the bar, we headed back to the house to continue the party.

The festivities went on for quite a while with my memory a bit hazy after we left the bar ...

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Georgia and I on the sail out
Georgia and I on the sail out
Georgia showing off her cut hand
Georgia showing off her cut hand
A field full of kangaroos!
A field full of kangaroos!
The Natural Bridge (Im on there s…
The Natural Bridge (I'm on there …
A rock we affectionately named Pe…
A rock we affectionately named "P…
The Gap
"The Gap"
The giant Easter egg
The giant Easter egg
The boys and the passed out guy
The boys and the passed out guy
photo by: WorldXplorer