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The skyline from south of the river

I arrived in Perth at the end of October 2008. As I have now lived in this city for almost a month and a half, I thought I'd list my favourite experiences to date (in no particular order):

1. Going for a run along the Swan River doing the loop between the two bridges (about 9.5km). I was just ending my run near the convention centre and I noticed a man on his bike had stopped and was looking in the water. I stopped as well, looked down and saw a dolphin about a metre from the pathway, swimming along in the water. Sooo rewarding at the end of a run!

2. Sleeping in on the weekend and then spending the late morning / mid day laying on the beach. Getting to the beach, taking off my sandals and walking barefoot in the white sand is one of the best feelings in the world.

View from the esplanade
You can't beat having your biggest decision being how long to spend laying on my stomach and when to turn over on my back. (NB - This usually happens at least once a weekend)

3. Going in the ocean for the first time last weekend, floating along in the waves at Cottlesloe beach.

4. Running through Kings Park (including Jacob's Ladder .. the neverending set of stairs!).

5. Getting picked up within hours of arriving in the city and going down to see the beach (and Indian Ocean) for the first time. (Thanks Brenda!!)

6. Buying a bike and cycling along the many, many, many pathways in the city (first ride was from my flat to the beach) :)

7. Going to the office the Friday before I started working (3rd day in the city), meeting my new coworkers, discovering that Fridays mean the fridge is filled with beer, and then going out with a few of my coworkers, and then stumbling home (and by home I mean the Hyatt, thank you EY).

8. Moving into the house with my awesome new, flatmates from Perth, who I met online using! (I lucked out big time finding these ladies!!) EDIT - I was told by an Aussie resident that lucked out means the opposite of the Canadian meaning. Therefore I change this to say I got super lucky finding these ladies!! :)

9. Meeting Alix for the first time, a fellow Canadian who grew up about a half hour from where I did, but who I had never met before. Our first meeting was at his flat in Scarborough and then a trip to Trigg beach.

10. Taking the train to Fremantle and walking along the waterfront. Eating fish and chips at Cicerellos and then over to Little Creatures for a beer (suuuuch an awesome place.

Jacob's Ladder
Make sure to go on a hot, sunny Sunday!)

11. Taking the ferry over to South Perth and doing a stroll through the Perth Zoo. The highlight (which my Perth friends laugh about) was the kangaroo section where they can roam around as they like. One kangaroo looked at me and then hopped in my direction. I had to jump out of the way or he would have hit into me. People standing near by had a good laugh at me! haha

12. Trying to find Perth's seediest bar with Cale. (I have a feeling we haven't quite found it yet, but we have another 10 and a half months) Bars investigated to date:

- CBD 

- Belgium Beer Cafe

- Elephant and Wheelbarrow

- The George

- Carnegies

- The library

- Mint

- The Brisbane

- Luxe Bar

- The Avenue

I was going to put my top ten, but I came up with 12 and couldn't figure out which one to delete :)  Those are the highlights so far. I'm sure I'll have lots to say in the next one and a half months :)

martymouse says:
Ah, I lived in Perth for about 8 years, this brings back a lot of fond memories. Great Blog :)
Posted on: Jan 16, 2009
jericho9mm says:
I've been to Perth and didn't know there are a lot of things to do.
Posted on: Jan 16, 2009
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The skyline from south of the river
The skyline from south of the river
View from the esplanade
View from the esplanade
Jacobs Ladder
Jacob's Ladder
View from the south part of Kings…
View from the south part of King'…
Big tree in Kings Park
Big tree in King's Park
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