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I am a lifelong Tiger fan, and I wanted to make the pilgrimage to see them in Detroit for the first time. Couldnt find any other Tiger fans, or anyone longing to head out there, so I made the trip solo. Flew northwest, and I was amazed at how many lakes we flew over, you dont see that here in Arizona. The airport is outside of the city, so I took the shuttle to the rent a car outlet which was a few miles away. I was confused at why there were so many signs in Asian. Rented the car and took the freeway to the city. I knew that the old Tiger stadium was on Michigan Road, so I took that exit to see if I could see it. I was driving and I saw a bunch of flood lights, and I wondered what it is, there was this run down building, and I was blown away when I found out it was Tiger Stadium. I was in awe because of its tradition, but at the same time I couldnt believe how much of a dump it was. I drove around and checked out the downtown skyscrapers. It has a cool skyline, and Windsor, Ontario is just across the Detroit River.
I stayed at the Ferry Inn. I have written a review about that....
Headed down to the ballpark, got there early and saw Ford Field. Went to Cheli's for pregame drinks. I wrote a review on Comerica Park as well.
The next day I drove out to see 8 mile. I had always heard about it, but I wanted to see it. It is a major road in Detroit, and it serves as an unofficial divider of classes. Then drove out to Windsor to make my first trip to Canada. I took pics and then went into the first bar I could find. It was funny because they had hockey on, and Avril Lavgine was joke. Ate and had some nice Canadian Beers..Molson and Labbat Blue, I really like them both. Then went and got some Cuban cigars, I dont smoke but I have always wanted one. Drove back and the immigration people really sweated me. Was there for a while, they couldnt believe I was by myself. I hid the cubans under the spare tire. i was really worried about them.
That night I went to the MGM casino. I had no idea that they allowed gambling there. I asked everyone why this was and I got a different answer from each person. I think its because the economy has dropped so much there that they will do anything to promote tourism. The casino was cool but I am not much of a gambler. They thought I was a baseball player...ha....Then got my meal comped which was cool, it was a vegas style buffet.
Home and to bed and freaked myself out a little...but thats a different story for another time.
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330 km (205 miles) traveled
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photo by: vulindlela