Leaving Europe.....and another President Bush Sighting!

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We had a relatively early flight and needed to get on the road soon for the airport.  We had a "limo" aka hired car picking us up in an hour. Our hotel balcony overlooked one of the main motorways which takes you to the airport.  I was getting ready in the bathroom and we had the balcony door open and I heard a lot of helicopters. I assumed it was on the TV since we had the news on watching the damage from the day before.  Soon, the helicopters got louder and louder.  We went out on the balcony and low and behold, here's Bush's motorcade on the way to the airport!  Uuuuugh, the road would likely be a mess now and likely closed!

We got downstairs just in time for our car arrival and scurried on the road.  Actually following behind his motorcade helped as they just reopened so the traffic was minimal.  SWEET!  It was like our own expressway actually.  We arrived at the airport and saw police, security, unmarked secret service vehicles everywhere.  Looked off to the left, and there was Air Force 1 taking off.  OMG!  I couldn't get my camera out in time to get a picture unfortunately. 

We got our bags and prepared to go in the terminal but there was a couldn't even enter the doors.  Huh?  Turns out Bush flew out of our have to be kidding me!  Unless you are a ticketed passenger or have a confirmation, no entry permitted.  Well, we've been on a cruise, my luggage was lost, and I have no printed confirmation.  We usually just give them passports and the number and we are good.  We were checked in but couldn't print our passes and because it was international, check in required at the desk.  We talked with the guy for quite a bit until he finally let us pass but watched us to make sure we went straight to the counter.  OMG!

Boarding passes and we proceeded to take the train to our gate.  We arrive and need to have our passports checked at the gate. I ask my ex where our tickets and passports are and he doesn't have them.  WHAT???????????????????  How do you not have them?  Apparently, he thinks he dropped our travel envelope with the tickets, our passports, receipts, etc.  He leaves me with the luggage and takes off to retrace our steps.  He checks with lost and found and nothing.  45 minutes pass and they are ready to board the plane and I am starting to freak out more than just a little.  My dream trip has been such a mess the whole time -  starting with the day we left and no luggage, the stormy weather the whole time, being in a riot, and now this.  Why can't life just go smoothly...for once???

Finally the ex reappears and he has everything.  OMG....WHEW!  Apparently he dropped them on the train and found them.  Can you believe that????????????  Knowing how pick pockets are in Rome and stuff - our big AAA Travel pouch was still on the train.  The problem was they wouldn't let him reboard the train and sent him all the way back out and through security.  Thank heaven we had the extra time to spare, otherwise we would've missed our flight for sure. 

We scrambled on to the plane and were settled in to head home.  Although I was sad to leave the beautiful scenery, I was pretty happy to get home after all the chaos for the last two weeks.   

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photo by: vulindlela