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On the way to the Alpenglow Stube. They even gave us rugs!

There is something parochially uplifting about dancing to "I come from a land down under" at 1am in the morning amongst a bunch of Americans. An unofficial Australian anthem, I have heard the song at least 100 times before but it suddenly takes on a new lease of life when you are half way around the world and missing your mates and family. This situation occurred for me on a Saturday night out in Breckenridge, a town about 20 minutes drive from Keystone which services "Breck" the mountain, a sister hill to Keystone. Breckenridge is without doubt a party town and "Cecilias" is a hotspot for the hip young brigade. Its much like a club at home (a few bars, dance floor, DJ, bouncers, drunk people) with the exception that they hired two professional pole dancers.

Outside the Alpenglow Stube
..they must have had their reasons but for me, "Tackyland" and the "Mens Gallery" (which, mind you I have never actually visited!!) are a strange mix. Things got even weirder when Selbs had to rescue me from being hit on by a gay guy, but thats another story. There were some good tunes played though which got the feet moving and at the end of the night, we went home having thoroughly enjoyed the whole "ski-hill" night life experience.

Another funny nightlife experience was had at a local Karaoke bar in Keystone. Thursday night is Karaoke night so Selbs, Sarah, Lisa and I headed a long to check out the local talent. Apart from Tracey (who ripped a version of that Evanesence song) most of the people were more of a laugh than anything else. The absolute classic being "Crazy Legs", a guy who apparently rocks up every thursday, picks his moment and then entertains the patrons with an.

Anna, myself, Sarah and Sarah's friend after enjoying the most amazing meal ever!!
..ahem...somewhat indifferent version of Princes "Purple Rain". Every Thursday!! Seriously, after however many goes at it, you would think he would have it down pat....he is a character though and a crowd favourite. I have also possibly found my ultimate karaoke song - "My Ding-a-ling" by Chuck Berry. This song has it all, you dont need to be able to sing, it encourages the crowd to join in and it has an absolute killer chorus that with a minor addition of a word also turns it into a comic experience. Briliant stuff!! One day I hope to do it justice.

It hasnt all been about the nightlife though, in fact, at 11,000 feet above sea level and after a day of snowboarding, all that the body yearns for is a bit of shut-eye. The following is a list of the highlights from our time in Keystone and surrounding areas in the past week:

- Alpenglow Stube - Silver service restaurant, on top of one of the mountains at Keystone Resort.

The view looking across to Breck from Keystone
This place was absolute luxury. We had to take a gondola ride up to the restaurant (awesome at sunset and they even provided cosy rugs), on arrival in the magnificent wooden chalet with huge fire place and antler chandeliers, we were presented with slippers and shown to our table. Then we tucked into a 7 course meal (I went the Chefs special which meant I wasnt to know what 4 of the courses would be) and an awesome bottle of Italian wine. It was unreal!!
- Cat Skiing at Keystone - Tim, the guy whose house we are staying in, is head of Mountain Watch at Keystone and he organised one of his guys to show me around the back country at Keystone. The area was unserviced by lifts so we caught a cat ski up to the top of a ridgeline and boarded back down a bowl and into a gully that ran back to the patrolled area.
The view from just outside the flat in keystone
The views were spectacular and the riding was awesome.
- The National History and Science Museum in Denver
- Night Skiing at Keystone
- Boarding at Breckenridge
- Steak at Quinceys - Half hour drive from Keystone in a town called Leadville (apparently when the mines were going it was a bigger city than Denver). As they say on their sign out the front "They dont serve chicken, pork, vegetables, pasta...and the list goes on...but we sure do a great steak". And they are not wrong, best one I have probably had.
- Breakfast at Sunshine (breakfast place in Silverthorne, town just near keystone, and apparently the best breakfast in Summit County.
Anna and Sarah styling at Breck
..again, they are probably not wrong)
- Tubing at night at the Keystone Tubing park - Good honest cold fun!! 

We cant thank Sarah enough for everything she has done for us since we have been here. The most organised person I have ever met, we couldnt have experienced any of these things without her!! Thanks also to Tim and Lisa for letting us into their home and making us feel welcomed. They live in a beautiful part of the world and one I will be sorry to leave.

Selbs is doing really well on the board now, she tore up a Blue/Black run at Breck today and is getting more and more confident every minute she is out there.

I am starting to settle into the travelling mindset. I have become less and less aware of dates, I dont know whats happening in the news around the world at the moment and probably most dominantly, there isnt a daily schedule that I stick to.

The girls enjoying some sunshine
Every day is different, I dont have to be anywhere or report to anyone, we just do stuff that we want to do and thats it. Its strange to start with, I felt like surely there is some responsibility I need to have, but theres not and its brilliant.

Off Denver tomorrow for some Irish Punk and then onto Canada on Thursday. Ahh, life is tough...


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On the way to the Alpenglow Stube.…
On the way to the Alpenglow Stube…
Outside the Alpenglow Stube
Outside the Alpenglow Stube
Anna, myself, Sarah and Sarahs fr…
Anna, myself, Sarah and Sarah's f…
The view looking across to Breck f…
The view looking across to Breck …
The view from just outside the fla…
The view from just outside the fl…
Anna and Sarah styling at Breck
Anna and Sarah styling at Breck
The girls enjoying some sunshine
The girls enjoying some sunshine
photo by: Adrian_Liston