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Lindsay and I got up at about 9am and met the group in the lobby as today we were going kayaking. We got into the bus and were taken about 20 mins out of town to a spot on the river. Getting into the kayak I stacked it and almost ended up in the water. Thankfully I didn't. The water was quiet calm which was good but the current was going up stream and we were going down stream so it made it very hard to paddle in some places.

The scenery was amazing, with the mountains surrounding us and the sun was shining so it was quite warm out there on the river. As usual the group was competing again so instead of taking their time and enjoying it they sped off and some of us struggled to keep up, especially Ruth who was so far behind at one stage that the guide had to go back and get her. After about 2 hours of paddling we arrived at a village which was the finishing point of our kayaking trip. We got out of the kayaks and got changed right there on the river bank, with the villagers watching.

We walked into the village where we caught a public bus back into town. It took about an hour or so to get back into town and we were all looking forward to shower and a changed of clothes. Ruth, Lindsay and I went for a massage once we got back into town. the massages weren't the best but it was nice and relaxing. Feeling a bit hungry afterwards we decided t go and get a coffee and something to eat.

We found this nice cafe which had a second story balcony that we could sit on and watch the world go by. Enjoying our coffee and snack we really didn't want to move but we had to met the group so we went back to the hotel and met up with the rest of the group in the lobby. Lilian took us to an Aussie restaurant and pub which was good as I was missing some of the things from home. We ended up staying there for a while and enjoyed a few cocktails before going to another pub and having a few more.

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We arrived into Guilin around 11am and had to rush to get off the train as it wasn't the last stop and we weren't as prepared as we normally are. Hoping we hadn't left anything on board we made our way out to the front to meet the bus to take us to Yangshuo. The bus was stuck in traffic so we had to wait. Eventually the bus arrived and it took an hour and a half to drive to Yangshuo. We were all pretty tired so most of us slept.

Arriving into Yangshuo we were taken to our hotel, which funnily enough was called Fawlty Towers and the receptionist is called Manuel. This time I was sharing with Lindsay. The rooms of this hotel were really nice and there was hot water in the shower so we were pretty happy, especially after being on a train for 22 hours we were really needing a shower.

After freshing up we met in the lobby for our orientation walk around Yangshuo. Meeting in the lobby we were sad to hear that Ruth's Grandma had suddenly past away. We knew she had a Grandma that was ill but the Grandma that past away was deemed to be fit and healthy so it had come as a shock to Ruth and her family.

We went for dinner first before our orientation walk as we were quite hungry. Lilian took us to a really nice restaurant with a beautiful view of the mountains. Not really feeling like Chinese food I opted for a hamburger. Which was actually really nice. After dinner Lilian took us for a walk around town and it was very packed as there was some kind of festival on at the time so there was a lot of people walking through the main street.

Yangshuo was pretty touristy with all the shops, bars and restaurants but it had a really nice feel to it, plus the people were really friendly so it was a great place to chill out and enjoy the amazing scenery. Yangshuo was surrounded by mountains and had a river running through the valley where you could go kayaking or bamboo rafting.

After our orientation walk a few of us went for beers at one of the many bars then called it a night as we were going kayaking the next day. Which I was a little nervous about due to my fear of water.

photo by: sylviandavid